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Now Available: THE WOLF PACT!

lfneJason L Blair15 September 2017


It’s true! Little Fears: The Wolf Pact is now for sale! Right here! At this link!

This is a soft launch. Only the PDF is available and it’s currently only available through DriveThru. I will be working on the epub and mobi versions this week and next, as well as setting it up for POD printing through DriveThru. Then, I’ll work on getting the book up on Amazon.

But if you’ve been waiting for the book (and I hope you have been), you can grab it right now!

If I owe you a copy of the book via Kickstarter, I will get the codes out next week. (Or you can email me at JasonLBlair@gmail.com and I’ll send you a DriveThru coupon ASAP.)

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The Wolf Pact: Sneak Peek

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair26 February 2016

I hit the 33% mark on the Little Fears novel, The Wolf Pact, last night. I am having a blast writing this book. I’ve been living with this story a long time—and even committed a version of it to novel-form before—but focusing it as a Middle Grade novel, and letting go of a lot of pressure and anxiety, has helped it immensely.

I like how this story is shaping up a whole lot, and I wanted to share a little bit with you via a picture I took with my phone last night.

I hope you enjoy it.

Little Fears: The Wolf Pact excerpt.

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