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A Long-Overdue Update

lfneJason L Blair10 August 2015

Well, it’s only been forever since I last updated. I left a lot of things hanging back in March (almost five months ago—eesh) including a promised Little Fears novel and a long list of RPG supplements “in development.” In addition, I’ve slacked hard on fulfilling orders in a timely fashion and following up on rules email and such.

That’s not good. And I know that.

So I’m looking to correct this moving forward.

This year has been insanely busy at the day job. Pair that with working in exercise and family time and I’ve spent nearly every hour I’ve been give since the calendar turned. Unfortunately, fitting in any extracurricular stuff, such as Little Fears and Streets of Bedlam, has been tough.

As the time has passed, my stress levels spiked off the charts and I hit a wall. I was anxious, depressed, and unfulfilled as well as agitated and uncertain about what I wanted out of life. The past month and a half have been particularly hard.

Thankfully, my wife is there for me when I am not and she booked a family vacation for a weekend out in the woods. So it was I spent last weekend holed up in a cabin surrounded by miles and miles of not-much which, aside from having to drive twenty minutes for groceries, was pretty spectacular. Normally I would fill my time with work, either day job or my own writing, or spend all my energy dealing with large crowds of people which is hugely exhausting for folks like me. And I’d come back from the “vacation” even worse off than I started.

But not this time.

This time, I did nothing but let myself be surrounded by trees, friendly roaming creatures, a bull-headed cat, a super-friendly chocolate lab, and walks in the woods.

It was amazing. And relaxing. And clarifying.

I don’t want to undersell that last point. “Clarifying.” My head has been so filled with static—work work work obligations obligations obligations—that I just ran head first from one task to another until I dropped. Like I said above: Every hour was filled. And, while I love my job and family, none of it was focused on my personal writing, which is one of the few things that keeps my anxiety demons at bay.

I thought maybe I could handle this. That maybe I could find time to fulfill my obligations to Little Fears and Streets of Bedlam in my spare time but make other things my top priority focus. But I couldn’t. I didn’t have “spare time.” No, I needed to make the time. I need to carve hours out of my day and dedicate them to my, shall we say, “ambition writing.” I needed to make my own writing a higher priority than it was. Yes, my day job is awesome and pays the bills, but my ultimate happiness relies on me putting out words that were wholly my own. That were my characters in my worlds doing my things. That were available to fans of my works, works that I love to support and grow. That had the potential to be books with my name on them put out by publishers who were not me.

And here it is, the Monday after and I still feel that way. I need to always feel that way. I need to make my own writing part of my daily routine. I need to fulfill my obligations.

Which is why I’m writing this to you today. Because I’m on a path to make things right.

Step One: More Timely Shipments
The money you pay for your hardcopies pays for the time it takes me to sign, package, and ship the products. I need to turn this around faster. I have let months go from initial order to final delivery and that’s not acceptable.

Step Two: Better Communications
I have some emails in the queue that need answered. I have fans on social media that deserve better support.

Step Three: More Product
Right now, the most outstanding product in the Little Fears line is The Wolf Pact. I have an outline, a fair amount of words, but it needs done. Which brings me to:

My Schedule

Starting tonight, I’m getting back into my own writing. I will have two nights each week to dedicate to writing and time outside of that, here and there, to do it as I can. But those two nights are nothing to sneeze at. There’s no good reason I can’t crank out 3-4k words each week. That’ll help me start to dig out from the hole I’m in and that’s good. It also gives me clearer goals as to when I can get stuff out.

First on my plate is something that’s not for Little Fears. I am about 2-3k words away from finishing SoB Stories #2 for Streets of Bedlam. That’s first. I will get that done this week and out next Wednesday. Then, I want to get back into Little Fears by finishing up Campfire Tales #8: The House That Wasn’t There. According to the latest file, I’m at the 33% mark there, which puts me about 5k words until done. I already have the art, so quick math check, I will have that finished next week.

I normally put in words like “should” or “aim to” but not this time. That gives me too much room to fudge. Instead, I’m dedicating to it. And not fulfilling that promise means I failed.

After that, I will decide whether I’m going to put out SoB Stories #3 for Streets of Bedlam or focus on The Wolf Pact. In fairness, SoB Stories #3 was promised first—and thus is later—but I would like to do some fiction. I’ll make that call soon enough.

Anyway, that’s where things are at. I am truly sorry for dropping the ball as much and as hard as I have lately. I am going to work to correct this and do better in the future.

(You’ll notice a similar post over at StreetsOfBedlam.com. Figured it was better to write this once and change some details than spend time restating everything.)

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Save Money on Some Campfire Tales

lfneJason L Blair03 March 2014

DriveThruRPG is running their GM’s Day Sale and have three Campfire Tales at 30% off.

Grab copies of The Fall Harvest, Death by Chocolate, and Camp Howling Wolf for just $3.50 each!

(You can also pick up the Streets of Bedlam supplement, Five-Story Drop a collection five standalone scenarios full of crime, intrigue, and betrayal while you’re there.)

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The Upcoming Year in Fears

lfne, newsJason L Blair23 April 2013

Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I posted but I wanted you all to know I have some pretty cool Little Fears projects in the works. I need to finish up the first supplement for Streets of Bedlam, as well as a major project that crossed my lap recently, but there will be new releases for Little Fears Nightmare Edition starting around summer.

Small update but there it is. I’ll post more info as I can!

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The Near Future of Little Fears

lfneJason L Blair17 September 2012

Hey everyone,

As you may have noticed, the summer season of Campfire Tales stalled with just one entry out the door. As summer ends soon (at least in this hemisphere), I’ve decided to shelve the rest of this season. With a full-time job and a lot of stuff due out for Streets of Bedlam still, I need to trim down my commitments and focus on where I want to steer my creative future. Part of that is pulling back from Little Fears as a line of game products.

But not from Little Fears.

I’ve long wanted to do more with Little Fears. I love the world, the fiction, and I think it has great potential. Back in 2001, it kickstarted my career. In 2009, it gave me direction and purpose as I entered a new turn in my path as a writer. Now, in 2012, I want to take it to the next level. I have a lot of ideas, and I will be announcing them soon, but know that I want more from Little Fears. It’s time to take the closet door off its hinges.

You all have been amazing with your support of the game line. I hope this next phase of Little Fears excites you as well.

As for the game line, this new focus leaves two announced LFNE products in limbo. I still want to do Book 3 and The Seven Kings but both will require a sizable time and money investment that I can’t commit to right now. But they are most certainly not forgotten.

That’s where things are at. It’s time for me to direct my attention toward doing the stuff I’ve wanted to do with Little Fears for years now. Thank you all for your understanding and support.

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Dice Orders (and Other Orders Too)

hblf, lfneJason L Blair09 July 2012

To everyone who ordered Little Fears dice, I have submitted the order to get that ball rolling. I hope to have them on-hand inside the month but I’ll let you all know if there are any delays. I’ll keep the pre-order going until Campfire Tales #7 releases (still looking like Wednesday from here) so you still have some time to get your orders in and get a free episode along with it.

If you ordered books along with the dice, I’ve been waiting until the dice order was done to ship them out. If you absolutely can’t wait (and I understand if you can’t), send me an email at jason@littlefears.com. Feel free to CC my main address as well (jasonlblair@gmail.com) if the matter is urgent.

As you might know I’m in the middle of an out-of-state move that has thrown all manner of monkeywrenches into my gears. Some things have slipped but I’m trying my best to catch up. I have a handful of orders that need shipped, for instance. I have them packed up and ready to go. I plan to stop by the post office tomorrow and get all not-including-dice orders out then.

I’m headed back to Madison this weekend where I’ll grab all the Little Fears stock so I have it at the new place and can ship everything out more quickly. Once everything is settled with the move, and the summer season of Campfire Tales, and the Streets of Bedlam products I still need to refine and get out, I aim to get something pretty special started for Little Fears. But more on that later.

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Fear in the New Year

lfneJason L Blair27 December 2011

Season Two of Campfire Tales wrapped up last week with the release of #6: Old Man Winter. That brings the total number of products in the Nightmare Edition line to eight. I’m pretty proud of that. LFNE went a year after its release without additional material until the first Campfire Tales episode launched in October 2010. While I wasn’t able to pump out the 12 episodes I’d initially planned, I was able to readjust for the stutter in my workflow and publish half of them in about a year’s time along with the first full-sized supplement as well.

I ramped up my writing on all fronts this past year, contributing to other game lines and a very exciting video game project, and I look to continuing the trend in 2012. As some of you might know, I’ll be dedicating a good chunk of the first quarter to my new project Streets of Bedlam but Little Fears is a long-time love of mine and I have no intention of leaving it in the cold. On the contrary, I have some big plans for the property.

Last March, I revealed some information about a multi-part supplement called The Seven Kings. I’ve also dropped some hints about Book 3 here and there. I’d still love to do both next year but won’t commit to a time frame just yet. I’ll keep you all posted.

One thing I do want to announce now is that I’ll be releasing a summer season of Campfire Tales. The three episodes will be set in the hottest months which gives me a good excuse to finally release one of my personal favorite episodes, “Camp Howling Wolf.” I look forward to the change in season and I hope you like it as well.

Other plans for Little Fears exist, some more feasible than others, but I’ll hold tight on those yet. One promise at a time.

I want to thank you all for your support, your kind words, and helping to spread the word. I hope you had a wonderful year and an even better one awaits you in 2012.

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newsJason L Blair07 December 2011

Hey Little Fears fans! Campfire Tales #6 is still slated for release next week but after that I’ll be focusing on a new RPG project for a bit, my upcoming gritty neo-noir crime setting Streets of Bedlam: A Savage World of Crime + Corruption.

I launched the Kickstarter for it last week and the response has been amazing. Early supporters of the game will get credit, can get listed as an NPC in the book, get some Kickstarter-exclusive archetypes, influence future supplements, or even immortalize themselves as major players in the world of Streets of Bedlam!

I hope you check out the new project. I’m posting previews on StreetsOfBedlam.com. Two of the game Archetypes are already up (Monster and Valkyrie). Future updates will reveal more Archetypes, new rules, and more.

If this sounds up your alley, I would really appreciate your support!

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