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Clubhouse News: Tangles the Monster

lfneJason L Blair04 November 2013

Frequent Protodimension editor (and contributor) Tad Kelson adds another monster to the Little Fears mythos!

Tangles is a Regular Monster for use with your Little Fears Nightmare Edition games. Check out this description:

All those times your mother brushes your hair and pulls it, tearing out a tangle. Then
she throws that hair away in the trash. Well at night Tangles comes around and sifts in
your trash and pulls out the hair and slowly braids it into its own body. All those children,
all their hair, all that innocence pulled out by their roots and woven into something that
slithers along the floorboards making its way to the trash can, just to pick out their tangles
and turn it into its own body.

Wonderful. Check out the full write-up in the latest issue of Protodimension, available in PDF right here.

Thanks, Tad, for the creation! Really well done.

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LFNE Scenario in Protodimension #9

lfneJason L Blair11 August 2011

The good folks at Protodimension Magazine have just put out the ninth issue of their PDF periodical that supports some of the finest horror roleplaying game there are. I’m honored they count my own Little Fears in the company of Dark Conspiracy*, All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and other genre classics, and even more honored they’ve included a new scenario for Little Fears Nightmare Edition in their latest issue that hit digital shelves just last night.

Tad Kelson’s “Some Yards” begins as a haunted house scenario but soon turns into much more. It all starts when a friend of the group goes missing and ends with, well, that’d be cheating.

The latest issue of Protodimension boasts an impressive 94 pages of horror scenarios, gear, opinion, fiction, poetry—even a standalone RPG! You can grab your own copy right here. The Little Fears scenario begins on page 72 but you’ll want to check out the rest of the magazine after you savor that.

Thanks again to Norm, Lee, Tad, and everyone else involved with Protodimension. Here’s to many more issues!

*And so y’know, Dark Conspiracy 3rd Edition is due out soon!

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LFNE Scenario in Protodimension #6

downloads, lfneJason L Blair29 November 2010

The Fall 2010 issue of Protodimension Magazine is out and it features a very cool scenario for Little Fears Nightmare Edition called “The Truth about Mr. Taylor.” Written by Managing Editor Norm Fenlason, this “cul-de-sac adventure” takes players on a curious trip around the neighborhood and introduces an out-of-this-world monster I think your group will enjoy.

You can download the PDF of Protodimension Magazine #6 here. The LFNE scenario starts on page 58 but the rest of the magazine is no slouch either. If Issue 6 piques your interest, the entire back catalog is available for download as well. Check it out, there’s lots of good stuff in those pages (including material for the original Little Fears, if you’re so inclined).

Big thanks to Norm and the rest of the Protodimension team for their support of Little Fears Nightmare Edition. Protodimension is a good group of guys who support a lot of great horror and dark fantasy systems, both old and new. I look forward to what they cook up next.

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