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Fear in the New Year

lfneJason L Blair27 December 2011

Season Two of Campfire Tales wrapped up last week with the release of #6: Old Man Winter. That brings the total number of products in the Nightmare Edition line to eight. I’m pretty proud of that. LFNE went a year after its release without additional material until the first Campfire Tales episode launched in October 2010. While I wasn’t able to pump out the 12 episodes I’d initially planned, I was able to readjust for the stutter in my workflow and publish half of them in about a year’s time along with the first full-sized supplement as well.

I ramped up my writing on all fronts this past year, contributing to other game lines and a very exciting video game project, and I look to continuing the trend in 2012. As some of you might know, I’ll be dedicating a good chunk of the first quarter to my new project Streets of Bedlam but Little Fears is a long-time love of mine and I have no intention of leaving it in the cold. On the contrary, I have some big plans for the property.

Last March, I revealed some information about a multi-part supplement called The Seven Kings. I’ve also dropped some hints about Book 3 here and there. I’d still love to do both next year but won’t commit to a time frame just yet. I’ll keep you all posted.

One thing I do want to announce now is that I’ll be releasing a summer season of Campfire Tales. The three episodes will be set in the hottest months which gives me a good excuse to finally release one of my personal favorite episodes, “Camp Howling Wolf.” I look forward to the change in season and I hope you like it as well.

Other plans for Little Fears exist, some more feasible than others, but I’ll hold tight on those yet. One promise at a time.

I want to thank you all for your support, your kind words, and helping to spread the word. I hope you had a wonderful year and an even better one awaits you in 2012.

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Happy Birthday to Me!

hblfJason L Blair22 August 2011

I didn’t plan this, I promise.

The proof for Happy Birthday, Little Fears arrived today on my birthday. I have to give it a thorough once- or twice-over but it looks good upon first glance. If it’s good, I’ll sign off on it and I should have physical copies inside a week-and-a-half or so.

Incredibly shoddy photo evidence follows:

Ten years of Little Fears
When I first started work on that little game about kids fighting werewolves, I had no idea it would change my life so much or that it would inspire so many others. If nothing else, Little Fears proved to me that dreams matter and that hard work and passion should never be underestimated. Thank you again, all of you, for the past ten years. Here’s to many, many more.

top l-r: Little Fears (original), Kleine Aengste (German), Little Fears (French), GM Screen (French)

bottom l-r: Janus – Auferstehung (featuring the official Kleine Aengste soundtrack), Little Fears Nightmare Edition, Book 2: Among the Missing (for LFNE), Little Fears (10th Anniversary aka Happy Birthday, Little Fears), Kleine Aengste (Storybook)

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HBLF Pre-Order – One Week Left!

hblf, PreviewsJason L Blair22 June 2011

The tenth anniversary of Little Fears is July 5th and I’ll be launching the PDF of Happy Birthday, Little Fears on that day (with print soon to follow). You can grab your copy after they come in for full price, sure, but you still have a week left to pre-order the PDF, print, or print + PDF combo pack and save some cash!

To entice those of you on the fence, I’ve attached a section of the new cover, by LFNE illustrator Grumbleputty.

For details on the pre-order (including links to get yours), see this post right here.

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Book 2: Proof of Life

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair13 June 2011

The proof for Book 2: Among the Missing arrived! Here’s out-of-focus, poorly-lit camera phone evidence:

I’m going to look over the proof, see if anything needs corrected, and either approve it or make corrections tonight. If everything looks good, I’ll approve it online and set the printers to printing. Corrections may delay things a day or two but, worst case, I should have books next week which means I’ll be sending out copies very soon.

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Out Now: Book 2 in PDF!

lfne, newsJason L Blair25 May 2011


You were a normal kid once with a normal life and a normal family. Then things changed. There was a moment when your life took a sudden turn and you stopped being a normal kid. You became a headline, a statistic, a picture on the grocery store window. A warning for other children.

Maybe you were taken, stolen by a monster, or maybe you simply disappeared.

Whatever happened, at that moment, you became one of the missing.

Book 2: Among the Missing is an expansion to the Little Fears Nightmare Edition game. In it, we talk about what missing children mean in the world of Little Fears, how kids become missing, what happens to them next, how they can help in the fight against monsters, and how they can be saved. Includes expanded GMC rules, new monsters, information about the World In-Between, and a full-length episode titled “The Long Way Home.”

If you pre-ordered a copy of the PDF, you should already have your code. If you don’t, email me using the contact form above or at jason at this domain. If you didn’t pre-order the PDF, you can grab a copy now for $10 from the good folks at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

I’m going to send the files to the printer next week for those waiting on a physical book. In the mean time, if you notice any errors or find something that could use a dose of clarity, now’s the time to let me know!

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Book 2: Among the Missing Art Preview

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair11 May 2011

With two weeks until its May 25th release, I figured now was a good time to show off some of Book 2: Among the Missing. The past month has been a blur of writing, art direction, and layout as that big idea I had a while back solidifies as an actual, honest-to-goodness product. And the pre-orders have served as great motivation to keep my head down and going forward as more and more people put their money where my mouth is.

I have a great art team on this book. Veronica V. Jones and Doug Snook (Grumbleputty) return from the main book and I’ve added George Cotronis and Jeff Preston to the mix as well, doing the considerable number of chapter intro images.

I’ll post a couple PDF excerpts as we get closer to launch but, for now, take a look at two of the characters Grumbleputty did for the book. First is a member of the Army of St. Nicholas called Walter Highways. The second is called simply The Cat and it’s one feisty feline you don’t want to cross your path.

I hope you dig these peeks at the art and come back for more previews in the coming weeks.

Book 2: Among the Missing is on track for PDF release on May 25th with print to follow soon after. The pre-order ends tonight but you’ll be still be able to order the physical book after, and pick up the PDF anytime once it hits DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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Book 2: NCMEC Donation Update

lfneJason L Blair02 May 2011

A huge thanks to everyone who pre-ordered Book 2: Among the Missing throughout the month of April. Not only did your orders help validate the past couple months of hard work but you helped raise $75 for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. I tallied the orders Sunday morning and made the donation immediately after through the NCMEC’s online donation form. Here’s a screen-cap of the online receipt:

I also put a note that the donation was in honor of the Little Fears Nightmare Edition Book 2 Pre-Order Customers but that didn’t copy over to the receipt. Alas!

If you didn’t get your pre-order in yet, don’t worry! You have until May 11th to pre-order the book in print and/or PDF and save some money in the process. See this post for details.

Thank you again to all those who helped raise money for this incredibly important cause. I hope you all enjoy Book 2 when it hits virtual shelves on May 25th (and physical ones soon after).

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Book 2: Big Changes

lfneJason L Blair06 April 2011

The book is still on track for a May 25th PDF release. Print date depends on the printer and shipping and whether anything gets messed up and needs fixing but that should only be two, maybe three, weeks later.

Perhaps “Big Changes” is a bit misleading. The title is still Book 2: Among the Missing and it’s still a supplement to Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

The changes are to the book’s structure. Some time ago, I posted the Table of Contents for the book as I originally decided back in 2010. I have struggled with the structure since the idea for the book first came to me. Originally, Among the Missing was going to be a series of PDF supplements (Among the Abducted, Among the Stolen, et cetera including a group who won’t appear until Book 3). When I decided to collect the ideas into a single volume, I smashed the PDF ideas together and slapped them between an introduction and a world chapter with an adventure on the end. Done.

But that never sat right with me. The chapters on the Missing types were self-contained, sure, but I would have to repeat a lot of information—and maybe worse than that, I’d be spreading out similar information, namely character creation. Each chapter would end with character creation but, and this was the core struggle, shouldn’t the system stuff all be together?

I’ve been going through the book, in anticipation of its release, and this kept nagging at me. I decided to listen to my instincts and consolidate the character creation into its own chapter. And, while I was at it, I split the information on the world of the missing into good people/places and bad people/places, same as the core book.

So, all this to get to the following. Below is the new Table of Contents for Book 2: Among the Missing.

Introduction: Gone, Just Like That
Chapter One: Against their Wills: The Abducted
Chapter Two: By Inhuman Hands: The Stolen
Chapter Three: On Their Own: The Runaways
Chapter Four: No Longer Wanted: The Abandoned
Chapter Five: Through the Cracks: The Forgotten
Chapter Six: One of the Missing
Chapter Seven: In Times of Need
Chapter Eight: Avoid at all Costs
Chapter Nine: The Long Way Home
Among the Missing Character Sheet

There you have it. For those curious, the book is looking to be about the same size as the Little Fears Nightmare Edition main rulebook. My initial spec had it at 128, maybe 144, but, well, the book grew.

Pre-Order to Save Cash and Do Some Good
There’s still time to pre-order the book. This saves you money and, if you do so in April, 20% will go toward the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Click below to go to the pre-order page for details and purchase links.

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Book 2: Among the Missing Pre-Order Begins!

lfne, newsJason L Blair01 April 2011

The next book in the Little Fears Nightmare Edition line is now available for pre-order! Book 2: Among the Missing looks at missing kids, the monsters who hunt them, the good guys they can turn to, and what life is like for those who live in the fringes between our reality and the world of lost children.

Click here for more information on what’s coming in Book 2: Among the Missing.

Book 2: Among the Missing will be released in PDF on May 25th (National Missing Children’s Day) and will be released in print soon after (about three weeks). 20% of all orders throughout April will go to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children*.

(May 12th Update)
Huge thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the book! For those who missed the pre-order, you can still order the print, PDF, or combo bundle of Book 2: Among the Missing using the buttons below:

Order the Print Book + the PDF!
Order the print book plus the PDF and receive your download code on May 25th and your physical book in early June for just $30 (+ s/h).

Order the Print Book!
Order the print book and receive it in early June for just $20 (+ s/h).

Order the PDF!
PDF orders will be processed through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. You will be able to grab the PDF for immediate download once it becomes available on May 25th for just $10.

If you plan to pre-order both Book 2 and Happy Birthday Little Fears:
You can place your pre-order for Book 2: Among the Missing now and you can combine shipping costs with Happy Birthday Little Fears when it goes on pre-order. (In that case, your physical copy of Book 2 will not ship until Happy Birthday Little Fears ships.)

*I will sum the sale price of all pre-orders received from the beginning of the pre-orders on April 1st through midnight April 30th (CDT) and contribute 20% of the total to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children through their online donation system.

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Campfire’s Not Out, Just Burning Low

lfneJason L Blair04 February 2011

I had a good run of three Campfire Tales released in October, November, and December but I have hit a bit of a snag this year. All my work in January was pushed back due to illness and I’m still digging myself out of it. I added a last-minute paying gig in January as well that shoved everything another week and am currently finishing up a BIG (and Little Fears-related!) project that needs my full attention.

Campfire Tales #4: Old Man Winter is halfway done. My hope is to get it out next Friday. I’m aiming for that. Then the rest of February is taken up with work for other people. March though, well, I have plans for March. But those plans hinge on me getting through all this other writing so I have to get back to it.

I appreciate your patience and support in this. I’m very fortunate that my attention needs to be put on good gigs than bad news so I don’t curse it.

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