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Halloweek #3! Hand-Me-Down: The Goodie Bag

lfneJason L Blair31 October 2012

The Goodie Bag

This tattered canvas sack doesn’t look like the type of bag you’d want to have with you on All Hallow’s Eve, cramping that sweet costume you’re sporting, but looks can be very deceiving.

This goodie bag is about the size of a standard pillow case. It’s made of rough brown material that is slightly stained and faded by weather and time. But anything sweet placed inside it is multiplied by up to a factor ten. This turns one tiny fun-sized treat into a whole bunch of chocolate goodness. And this bag doesn’t seem to ever fill up! Add more and more candies, it always seems to make room. A big kid can stick his whole arm straight down into the bag and never touch bottom.

Careful you don’t overstuff yourself though. Sometimes the candy inside this bag takes a turn for the worse. Nougat will curdle. Nuts will go rotten. Sometimes caramel turns to blood. And more often than not, the abundance of sweets doesn’t sit well in your belly, making you queasy, lethargic, and sick. Still, most of the candy is just fine. Surely the occasional fingernail or rat tail in your candy is worth all this goodness.

Stuff Qualities
Turns a little bit of candy into a whole lot
Never gets full
Turns one out of every ten pieces into something horrible

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