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Out Now: GOODIE BAGS #2!

lfneJason L Blair26 March 2014

Baba Yaga’s Children are hungry. For you.

Goodie Bags #2: “Baba Yaga’s Children” is a bite-sized supplement for Little Fears Nightmare Edition all about the cannibalistic creations of the witch-crone Baba Yaga. Cast from their mother’s hut, these creepers roam Closetland and the real world looking for food. The more human, the better. Goodie Bags #2 talks about how these monsters come to be, how they hunt, who hunts them, and includes three new GMC characters, full write-ups for these creatures at all three monster levels, and a half-dozen adventure hooks you can use to tell your very own tales about Baba Yaga’s Children.

Grab it now for just $3 over at DriveThruRPG!

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Book 3 Update and Goodie Bags #2

lfneJason L Blair24 March 2014

Book 3!
I updated the PDF for Book 3 on Sunday. This includes putting in a missing power for the gifted and some general clean-up of the text. I plan to upload the file to the printer on Wednesday so if you find any problems, please let me know! A huge thanks to those of you who emailed me questions and issues over the past two weeks. I really appreciate it.

Goodie Bags #2!
Watch out for some new monsters this week as the next Goodie Bags hits DriveThruRPG. This one is about Baba Yaga’s Children, the grotesque creatures she makes (and abandons) throughout Closetland.

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Kickstarter Update

lfneJason L Blair08 August 2013

Hey, everyone, just a quick update on the Book 3 Kickstarter. Everything is good to submit to the Kickstarter powers that be except for the sticky subject of international shipping. I need to do a bit more research on that before I send it off for approval. This may take a couple days to figure out worst case scenario on, say, sending three books and a set of dice to Germany or Japan. I want to find a way for those outside of the US to not get gouged on shipping costs.

So, with needing extra time to figure that out and KS needing its time to review the campaign before I can pull the cord, I probably won’t launch the Book 3 Kickstarter until the Monday after GenCon, August 19th.

Also, for those interested, I plan on posting the next Goodie Bags PDF in a few weeks so there be plenty of Little Fears goodness for you all very soon!

Mid-Day Update!
I consulted with some folks and did the math so the international shipping plan has been decided. I updated the Kickstarter and sent it in for submission. I should know something by early next week.

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Out Now: Goodie Bags #1

lfneJason L Blair05 August 2013

The first Goodie Bags is out! This 18pp supplement for Little Fears Nightmare Edition is all about the kids who dedicate themselves to protecting the mysterious butterflies that appear in Closetland. This supplement includes details on the Knights, their top three members, gives a half-dozen story hooks to inspire Knights-focused episodes, and includes GMC write-ups (both Simplified and Expanded) as well as sheets to use the top three Knights as player characters. All for just $3.00!

Goodie Bags #2: Baba Yaga’s Children will bring to life a new race of monsters and shine light on just how wicked Mother Crone can be.

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