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Little Gears at GenCon

lfneJason L Blair03 May 2011

You read that right.

An outfit called Regret Games runs a series they call “saga games” at conventions and this year they’re running steampunk variants of a bunch of games, including Dogs in the Vineyard and Misspent Youth. My own 2001 release Little Fears is included in that batch. Here’s a snippet of the event description:

The child-engineers of the Undercity agree that the Overcity must be falling apart, what with all the broken pipes, ruptured valves and, worst of all, the coal lines exploding at random. Any Undercity kid can tell you the stories – the warnings – that if you don’t clean your face before you sleep, especially around your eyes, they will take you. If you’re lucky, you’ll come back in a day or two, walking like a zombie and seeing the Undercity through new, coal-blackened eyes, and you won’t remember anything you once were. If you’re unlucky, well… that’s a story best left untold.

All the games take place inside the same world but are standalone adventures. So you can play event to hear one part of the story, or play all to get the big picture.

Sounds like fun to me.

If you’re going to be at GenCon 2011, check out their event schedule here.

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Today, Tomorrow, GenCon, and Beyond

newsJason L Blair22 July 2010

Today, Tomorrow
Well hello, how have you been? I’ve been good. Busy with a contract and updating my personal site on top of everything else life demands. I haven’t forgotten about Little Fears though. But, that’s not really enough, is it? Not forgetting is a far cry from actually producing more material. To that end, I will not promise and I will not tease. Just know that I take the game seriously and, though I have other pressing commitments currently, Little Fears is never too far from my heart.

GenCon, Beyond
For those interested, I will be at GenCon! I’m not working a booth or anything, but I’ll be wandering around the floor, hanging out with friends, playing games, and having a great time. I’ll probably be chilling at the Cubicle 7 booth (#315) for at least some of the con so stop by (and not just for me)!

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