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New Edition to the Family

lfneJason L Blair30 March 2012

Back in 2002, Oliver and Oliver at Feder und Schwert turned out one heckuva great-looking translation of the original Little Fears. Now, ten years later, they’ve done it again with the German version of Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

My comp copies of Kleine Aengste: Alptraum-Edition arrived today, and I am floored. This book is beautiful—I dare say it looks even better than their first edition.

I present these shoddy camera phone photos as evidence:

Huge thanks to Oliver and Oliver and everyone at Feder und Schwert for the great job. To those interested in a German version of LFNE, check out the official product page.

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Kleine Ängste: Alptraum-Edition

lfneJason L Blair24 February 2011

Back in 2001, I was approached by two very nice Germans, both named Oliver, who wanted to talk about bringing my modest game about kids fighting monsters over to their house for a local translation. I had no idea what a great job their outfit, Feder und Schwert, would do and not only did they publish a kickin’ edition of my game but they licensed a soundtrack and an audio storybook as well!

I am proud to announce that Feder und Schwert have done me the honor of licensing Little Fears Nightmare Edition for a German translation as well. I’ve only seen the cover so far but I am excited for what they do with it. I’ll only be able to read maybe 10% of it but I’ll be able to look at all of it.

For a glimpse of the magic they’re cooking, check out the cover they put together for it:

Gorgeous. I look forward to getting my own copies some after it comes out later this year.

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