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Halloween Surprise #1: Trick-or-Treat

lfneJason L Blair27 October 2011

I have a couple surprises in store for you all this Halloween season. First up is a special treat hidden away inside DriveThruRPG‘s new Trick-or-Treat promotion. Thirteen goodies await you clever hunters, tucked inside jack-o-lanterns scattered around the site. These rewards range from music tracks to supplements for popular horror lines to a certain core rulebook you may or may not be interested in with maybe a trick or two thrown in for good measure.

It’s a fun promotion and I was a happy to join in. Follow that link above and click on the pumpkin to claim your reward.

Hint: The pumpkin looks like this:

Once you reveal the surprise, pass the link along to your family, friends, and everyone in your gaming group! And keep searching the DriveThruRPG site for the rest of the goodies!

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lfneJason L Blair21 October 2011

Uploaded to DriveThruRPG and RPGNow in time for the weekend (and Halloween!):

Halloween is finally here and everybody has one thing on their mind: CANDY CANDY CANDY. This love of sweets is completely natural but there’s something decidedly unnatural happening tonight. A normal night of trick-or-treating soon turns into something dark and gruesome when the gang discovers someone might be handing out some bad treats—confections that’ll turn more than your stomach.

Be sure to check your candies, kiddos.

As with all the Campfire Tales, “Death by Chocolate” is just $2 for a full standalone episode including two new monsters and four new GMCs for use with this or any Little Fears Nightmare Edition episode.

I hope you enjoy the new tale! If you get a chance to play it, let me know what you think.

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Campfire Tales #4 – Out Friday!

lfneJason L Blair19 October 2011

Sorry, folks, I need to push the release of Campfire Tales #4 by a couple days. I’m pulling really long hours at the day job which not only takes up a bunch of my time but my energy as well. I was optimistic I would get the scenario finalized by today but it’s just not there. It’s almost there, though! I promise. You’ll have it for the weekend.

I know the last time there was a Campfire Tales #4, it ended up delayed until it eventually got replaced, but I just need a couple more days to finish. In fact, if I go one day over, I’ll release it for free. Guaranteed.

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Cover for Campfire Tales #4

downloads, lfneJason L Blair17 October 2011

Out this Wednesday in PDF

Every Halloween, it’s the same old stories. None of them can be true, right?

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Campfire Tales and DriveThru Sales

downloads, lfne, news, ReviewsJason L Blair14 January 2011

Over at Brainhouse Studios, Kirkimus Prime reviews the first three installments of Campfire Tales. If you’ve been thinking about picking up the series so far but wanted to know just a bit more before pressing “Buy Now” check out his reviews. (And if you’ve had a chance to read—and hopefully play!—any of the Campfire Tales episodes I’d love to know what you think, either via email or by leaving a review on the episode’s DriveThruRPG sales page.)

Speaking of DriveThruRPG, less than four days remain to pick up Little Fears Nightmare Edition along with dozens of other great games for just $11 each. I’m very happy with the response to the sale so far. Lots of new folks are picking up the core book, which I hope means lots of you are playing it or will be playing it soon.

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downloads, lfne, newsJason L Blair17 December 2010

Campfire Tales #3: The Longest Night of Your Life is available now! This third entry in the monthly Campfire Tales series for Little Fears Nightmare Edition gives your kids exactly what they want. Just remember, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”

Product description:

The kids wake up in a room full of toys and not a single adult in sight. It’s a dream come true with no parents, no school, and no rules–but something’s obviously not right with this room or the children who were already in it. And while some may like to live forever in this toy-filled utopia, the price for their fun may be their lives if the kids can’t figure out the way home soon.

“The Longest Night of Your Life” is the third in the CAMPFIRE TALES series of monthly standalone episodes for use with Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Just $2 for twenty pages of monster-hunting fun with more to come next month. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the third installment of Campfire Tales!

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LFNE Scenario in Protodimension #6

downloads, lfneJason L Blair29 November 2010

The Fall 2010 issue of Protodimension Magazine is out and it features a very cool scenario for Little Fears Nightmare Edition called “The Truth about Mr. Taylor.” Written by Managing Editor Norm Fenlason, this “cul-de-sac adventure” takes players on a curious trip around the neighborhood and introduces an out-of-this-world monster I think your group will enjoy.

You can download the PDF of Protodimension Magazine #6 here. The LFNE scenario starts on page 58 but the rest of the magazine is no slouch either. If Issue 6 piques your interest, the entire back catalog is available for download as well. Check it out, there’s lots of good stuff in those pages (including material for the original Little Fears, if you’re so inclined).

Big thanks to Norm and the rest of the Protodimension team for their support of Little Fears Nightmare Edition. Protodimension is a good group of guys who support a lot of great horror and dark fantasy systems, both old and new. I look forward to what they cook up next.

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lfneJason L Blair16 November 2010

Campfire Tales #2: The Fall Harvest is available now! This second entry in the monthly Campfire Tales series takes place at the most popular fall festival around and introduces one of my favorite new monsters to the world of Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Product description:

The Polk County Annual Fall Festival is the highlight of the season what with all the rides, games, contests, music, apple- and pumpkin-filled treats drawing in folks from up to three hours away. But this year something else in attendance, something evil, something hungry. Grown-ups needn’t worry though, the being in question only harvests the youngest of crops!

“The Fall Harvest” is the second in the CAMPFIRE TALES series of monthly standalone episodes for use with Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Just $2 for twenty pages of monster-hunting fun with more to come next month. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the second installment of Campfire Tales!

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Campfire Tales: New Look and Cover for #2

downloads, lfne, newsJason L Blair11 November 2010

As much as I liked the sparse and stark aesthetic of the first Campfire Tales release, it would be hard to sustain the look beyond a single release. Folks would likely have a hard time distinguishing one Campfire Tales from another judging from the thumbnail–and that doesn’t exactly do me a lot of good, does it?

So I’ve decided to alter the look of the Campfire Tales releases, starting with the first one. The new look incorporates Veronica V. Jones fantastic interior art and brings over the trade dress from the print books to help build a stronger identity and more cohesive look for all Little Fears Nightmare Edition releases.

The content of Campfire Tales #1 remains exactly the same. Only the first page has changed.

Here’s what the line will look like from this point on, including a look at the cover of Campfire Tales #2: The Fall Harvest.


So what do you think?

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downloads, lfneJason L Blair29 October 2010

Campfire Tales #1: Beggars Night has been released! Just (barely) in time for your Halloween festivities, this first entry in the monthly Campfire Tales series is set on the scariest night of the year and features one of the strangest (and most versatile) monsters in the world of Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Product description:

Tonight is Halloween or, as it was once known, “Beggars Night”–a time for all kids to dress up, gorge on candy, and play a harmless prank or two. But perhaps some little monsters are taking the night’s traditions a bit too far. Tricks can be fun but when children start disappearing, things get serious real quick. Can your kids get to the bottom of things and stop some mischief makers before it’s too late?

“Beggars Night” is the first in the CAMPFIRE TALES series of monthly standalone episodes for use with Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Just $2 for twenty pages of monster-hunting fun with more to come next month. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the first Campfire Tales!

(NOTE: Folks who pre-ordered have been sent codes for their PDF copies. If you pre-ordered Little Fears Nightmare Edition and have not received a code, please let me know and I will correct this as soon as I can.)

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