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The (Long Overdue) Dice and Book 3 Print Update

lfneJason L Blair29 April 2014

The Dice are In!

They came in a couple weeks ago, actually. If you ordered only dice then your order is in the mail. You should have it by the end of the week (I hope) or early next week at the latest. If you don’t receive them, let me know! Check out the pics of the dice below:

These are beautiful, high-quality dice produced by the craftsfolk at Chessex. I’m very happy with the quality of these dice.

Book 3 is Printing!

Book 3 is at the printers and (I very much hope) on track to be in my hands, and then soon into yours, in a couple weeks. This is later than anticipated but I’m glad I took the time to go over the book, incorporate your feedback, and clean up some typos and layout errors. It’ll be a more beautiful and more useful book for it.

And that’s where things are at. Thank you all for your patience. I really appreciate it. Once the books are in, I’ll have a lot of envelope stuffing to do but I look forward to it.

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Little Fears Dice are Back!

hblf, lfneJason L Blair12 November 2013

I’m going to place an order for the Little Fears dice sets soon and figured I’d offer up others the opportunity to grab some sets. A set includes ten six-sided dice that are black with gold lettering. In lieu of a 6, these dice sport the signature butterfly icon of Little Fears Nightmare Edition. You can check out the pictures below and click on the button to order some sets.

I’m going to keep this running until next Monday, November 18th, after which I’ll place the order for the dice. Turnaround should be 6-8 weeks.

How Many Sets?

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The Big Order Update

hblf, lfne, newsJason L Blair15 November 2012

If you ordered any Little Fears-related products prior to Monday of this week—LFNE, Book 2, Happy Birthday, Dice—whether international or domestic, your order has shipped. I worked through the backlog of orders this past weekend to get everything in the mail Tuesday. If your order included a PDF, you should have already received those within 24 hours (usually much less) of placing your order. If you haven’t received your PDF, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please send an email to jason@littlefears.com.

If you’re waiting on physical products, US customers should get their stuff by week’s end. Canadians should get it by mid-next week, I’d guess. Orders outside North America can be all over the map, from three days to three weeks, but I promise your stuff is in the mail.

Thank you all for your patience. It is greatly appreciated. I feels good to finally be getting on top of things again.

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Thrown to the Wind Again

hblf, lfneJason L Blair23 October 2012

As promised, an update on the rest of the Little Fears custom dice orders. The rest of the domestic dice orders (those that included books or more than two sets) went out this morning. I’m still looking into the best way to ship the international dice with books orders. I aim to solve that tonight and get them out tomorrow morning.

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Thrown to the Wind

hblf, lfneJason L Blair22 October 2012

After a far far far too long of a wait, the majority of the Little Fears custom dice orders are in the post! If you ordered one or two sets of the dice, your package went out today via USPS first-class mail. Those of you in the states should receive them in time for Halloween. I’m honestly not sure how long it will take for international orders (if you’re international, I’d love it if you could let me know when you get your orders so I can tell other international folks whether they should have received theirs or not).

If you ordered more than two sets, or ordered sets with books, your copies will go out via USPS Priority Mail tomorrow. I’ll update again to confirm when they were sent.

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Custom Dice Goodie Bags!

hblf, lfneJason L Blair02 October 2012

The dice orders haven’t gone out yet but I promise you that your patience will be rewarded. The shipping supplies are en route and the goodie bags will go out as soon as I have them.

What wonderful treats await inside? You’ll find out soon.

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The Dice are Here

hblf, lfneJason L Blair24 September 2012

The LFNE Custom Dice are here!

Butterflies in Captivity.

Be Free, Butterfly.

They arrived on my doorstep this past Friday, and they look great. I love how much of the fine detail on the butterfly is visible. And, of course, they roll as great as you would expect Chessex dice to roll.

Orders will go out in the mail this week! Thank you all very much for your patience. Turns out the middle of summer isn’t the best time to place a dice order, and I really appreciate that nobody has jumped on me about these taking so long to get in.

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Dice Order Placed!

hblf, lfneJason L Blair25 July 2012

I have received notice from Chessex that payment has been processed and the dice are in the queue for production. Excellent. Very excited! I’ll update you all when the dice are in-hand. It may be a bit out since they’re rushing to fill a bunch of GenCon orders.

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Dice Orders (and Other Orders Too)

hblf, lfneJason L Blair09 July 2012

To everyone who ordered Little Fears dice, I have submitted the order to get that ball rolling. I hope to have them on-hand inside the month but I’ll let you all know if there are any delays. I’ll keep the pre-order going until Campfire Tales #7 releases (still looking like Wednesday from here) so you still have some time to get your orders in and get a free episode along with it.

If you ordered books along with the dice, I’ve been waiting until the dice order was done to ship them out. If you absolutely can’t wait (and I understand if you can’t), send me an email at jason@littlefears.com. Feel free to CC my main address as well (jasonlblair@gmail.com) if the matter is urgent.

As you might know I’m in the middle of an out-of-state move that has thrown all manner of monkeywrenches into my gears. Some things have slipped but I’m trying my best to catch up. I have a handful of orders that need shipped, for instance. I have them packed up and ready to go. I plan to stop by the post office tomorrow and get all not-including-dice orders out then.

I’m headed back to Madison this weekend where I’ll grab all the Little Fears stock so I have it at the new place and can ship everything out more quickly. Once everything is settled with the move, and the summer season of Campfire Tales, and the Streets of Bedlam products I still need to refine and get out, I aim to get something pretty special started for Little Fears. But more on that later.

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Last Call for Butterfly Dice!

hblf, lfneJason L Blair15 June 2012

I’ve been running the Little Fears dice pre-order for a bit now and am about to wrap it up. I’m going to let the dice pre-order run until next Friday so get your order in, if you’d like a ten-piece set of these extremely limited six-sided dice for your favorite game about kids fighting monsters.

For full details on the pre-order, see this post. For a peek at the dice, look below:


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