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The Stuff of Legend

lfneJason L Blair17 August 2009

The Stuff of Legend Vol 1, Book 1

A search result brought Th3rd World Studios‘ comic The Stuff of Legend to my attention. The Groovy Age of Horror had run an article linking the comic with the original Little Fears. As someone very much interested in the childhood terror genre (if it can be called a genre), I checked it out.

Newsarama has the first 20 pages up for preview. It was also a selection for Free Comic Day (in which I, shamefully, did not participate). It looks to be really good stuff. The basic premise is that a boy has been kidnapped by a monster in his closet (I daresay!) and his toys band together to rescue him. The writing is solid and the art hooked me so I’m going to hunt this one down.

Check out the pages. If you dig them, hit up your local comic shop for the issues.

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Tommy Brownell

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