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NCMEC Charity Bundle at DriveThruRPG

lfneJason L Blair16 April 2012

A few months ago, I mentioned to DriveThruRPG’s Matt McElroy (also of Flames Rising) about doing something for National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Matt was immediately amenable to the idea and went about rounding up participants for a charity bundle.

Here it is now, officially launched, and what a bundle it is!

I donated my own Little Fears Nightmare Edition Book 2: Among the Missing. It sits alongside:

World of Darkness: Innocents
Teenagers from Outer Space
The Play’s the Thing
BASH! Ultimate Edition
Adventures in Wonderland
Adventures in Oz Character Pack

…and much more!

All for just $25, which goes to one of the best causes out there: helping the innocent. I hope you’ll consider making a donation and helping out a cause very close to my heart.

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Hurricane Irene Flood Relief Bundle

lfneJason L Blair26 September 2011

The good folks at Savage Mojo have put together a bundle of PDF games and supplements to benefit the rebuilding efforts of the Schoharie County Community Action Program in the wake of Hurricane Irene.

The bundle includes such great products as Savage Suzerain, Interface Zero, Shadows of Cthulhu, Killer Thriller, adventures for the Hellfrost setting, a bunch of Savage Worlds and Pathfinder goodness and more.

Here are the details from artist-extraordinaire Aaron Acevedo who helped coordinate the bundle:

Hurricane Irene Flood Relief is a charity bundle created in support of upstate New York victims of flooding from Hurricane Irene. All revenue generated by the sale of this bundle will be donated to the Schoharie County Community Action Program to help in their work. If you are not interested in this product, please consider contributing directly to the SCCAP’s relief efforts by visiting their website at http://www.sccapinc.org.

The reason I’m telling you all this (outside of my naturally generous and charitable nature) is that I’ve added the corebook of Little Fears Nightmare Edition to the bundle. So if you know anyone who’s been on the fence about the game, they can now buy it along with about $200 worth of great corebooks and supplements for only $25.

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Tommy Brownell

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