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Book 3 Art Update

lfneJason L Blair07 October 2013

Book 3 is chugging along! As you may have noticed, I just put out a call for illustrators but I also wanted to show you some of what the current cast of illustrators is handing in.

First off, we have a young girl pouring her feelings into a safe place.

And next, a boy creates a barrier to protect himself from the creatures in the woods behind his house.

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Book 3 Illustrator Call

lfneJason L Blair05 October 2013

Hello! Are you an illustrator who:

1. Draws in a realistic style?
2. Can draw children that don’t just look like tiny adults?
3. Loves monsters?
4. Would like to get paid for those things?

Then I’m looking for you! LFNE Book 3: Blessed are the Children is chugging along—but it needs more art! If you’re an illustrator who’s pinged me before, please do so again! If you’ve never contacted me before but might be interested, let me know! The best email to use is JasonLBlair@gmail.com (please note the “L” in the middle there). Links to online portfolios are best. If you don’t have one, lo-rez jpegs and pngs work.*

Thank you! And, please, spread the word!

*If you are an illustrator looking for work though, I cannot recommend an online portfolio enough. You don’t have to have a fancy website under your own name or anything but ever art director I know prefers online portfolios. Just a heads up.

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Bringing the Blessed to Life

lfneJason L Blair01 August 2013

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been two years since Book 2: Among the Missing hit shelves and that it’s been over a year since I released a new Little Fears Nightmare Edition product. I’d very much like to correct that but, to do so, I’ll need your help.

I’ve always worked on LF products from an investment point of view. I do the work and release it with no forward payment. I’m fine with that but that’s not something I can ask the illustrators I work with to do. And new products, especially a full 128pp book, needs a lot of art. So I’m turning to you to help fund the art for LFNE Book 3: Blessed are the Children.

Blessed are the Children is about the human spirit—literally. It talks about kids whose souls are gone or replaced with the spirit of a monster or who have two souls or whose souls are bolstered by the power of faith. It is about special children with special abilities—abilities that come with a severe cost. They are different than other kids but they are still very much children fighting a war against the overpowering monsters of Closetland.

I’m taking a couple routes in getting this project off the ground.

I’ll be running a Kickstarter for Blessed are the Children for thirty days starting next Wednesday, August 7th. The goal will be $1500 which will cover all art and production costs for the book. The target is low and whether we hit it or not will be very telling as to whether it’s worth putting Book 3 together. (I sincerely hope it is.)

Normally, I would run a pre-order but I only do that when the art and production costs are covered anyway—that way no one who pre-orders runs the risk of not getting a book. Lacking the art budget, I can’t risk a pre-order that doesn’t cover the cost. The Kickstarter will have multiple tiers for those who wish to support it, including bundles for Books 2 and 3 and Books 1, 2, and 3 and the complete set of LFNE books and all seven Campfire Tales. For those of you who have been asking about dice, some of the tiers will include an opportunity to grab sets as well.

Throughout the Kickstarter, I’ll post excerpts and previews to help build interest. Your support, both monetarily and in spreading the word, will be crucial to the campaign’s success. But Kickstarter isn’t the only way to help support Little Fears!

New Product Line: Goodie Bags
Starting August 5th*, I’m putting out a new line of support products for Little Fears Nightmare Edition. Called Goodie Bags, these are 6-10pp one-off products that focus on new areas and groups that exist in the Little Fears universe. The first two products are about two groups, one existing and one brand-new.

The Butterfly Knights
Introduced in Book 1, the Butterfly Knights are kids in Closetland who help those who get lost within the nightmare realm. In addition to their backstory and plot lines that involve the Knights, their Goodie Bag includes stats to use them as generic or expanded GMCs as well as fully-fleshed Player Characters.

Baba Yaga’s Children
A new group, these monsters are kids twisted by the Crone to become vile, feral creatures who hunt the animals of Closetland—as well as those human children who dare to venture within. Their Goodie Bag includes their backstory, their full Monster stats, and numerous ways to incorporate them into your LFNE game.

Depending on the success of these two, I have other Goodie Bags planned that feature new areas of Closetland, more information on the In-Between World (as introduced in Book 2), and others. They’ll retail in PDF for $5.

New Campfire Tale: The House That Wasn’t There
Coming in September, this standalone episode features a house that only appears in the real world once every seven years. And when it does, it brings some very nasty guests with it.

So, in sum, after a long period of quiet (due to moving, launching Streets of Bedlam, starting a new job, etc), I’m looking to bring some new stuff to the world of Little Fears Nightmare Edition. I hope I can count on your support.

*I’ve had my days screwed up lately. I had written August 3rd originally but it’s next Monday, August 5th.

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I’m Looking for Illustrators

lfneJason L Blair07 March 2012

Over the almost eleven-year history of Little Fears, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some pretty amazing illustrators. A few of them have been gracious enough to keep working with me (looking at you, Veronica and Doug) and I will keep giving them work as long as they’ll have me.

But they get busy and bigger books require a lot of art (even if it doesn’t always look like the book has much) and, sometimes, I like to inject some new blood into the setting. Now is one of those times.

This means I’m looking for illustrators. While the Campfire Tales due out this summer are spoken for artwise, the upcoming Book 3 will require a couple dozen illustrations most likely and I have more products on the docket for 2013. So if you are an illustrator, email me! If you have a friend who’s an illustrator, tell him or her to email me! You can contact me at jason@littlefears.com. Please include links to online portfolios instead of attachments. If you don’t have a site, send no more than three attachments in mid- to lo-rez jpeg format. I’m hiring for a horror game about kids and monsters so images skewed toward that will likely stick out, but I can squint so if you don’t have any in the horror genre, send something in a style you’d like to work in.

I can’t respond to all but if I have an opening that I think fits you, I’ll definitely be in touch! And if I don’t get a hold of you for this project, I may well be in touch on another.

If you could help spread the word, I’d really appreciate it.

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HBLF Pre-Order – One Week Left!

hblf, PreviewsJason L Blair22 June 2011

The tenth anniversary of Little Fears is July 5th and I’ll be launching the PDF of Happy Birthday, Little Fears on that day (with print soon to follow). You can grab your copy after they come in for full price, sure, but you still have a week left to pre-order the PDF, print, or print + PDF combo pack and save some cash!

To entice those of you on the fence, I’ve attached a section of the new cover, by LFNE illustrator Grumbleputty.

For details on the pre-order (including links to get yours), see this post right here.

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Book 2: Among the Missing Art Preview

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair11 May 2011

With two weeks until its May 25th release, I figured now was a good time to show off some of Book 2: Among the Missing. The past month has been a blur of writing, art direction, and layout as that big idea I had a while back solidifies as an actual, honest-to-goodness product. And the pre-orders have served as great motivation to keep my head down and going forward as more and more people put their money where my mouth is.

I have a great art team on this book. Veronica V. Jones and Doug Snook (Grumbleputty) return from the main book and I’ve added George Cotronis and Jeff Preston to the mix as well, doing the considerable number of chapter intro images.

I’ll post a couple PDF excerpts as we get closer to launch but, for now, take a look at two of the characters Grumbleputty did for the book. First is a member of the Army of St. Nicholas called Walter Highways. The second is called simply The Cat and it’s one feisty feline you don’t want to cross your path.

I hope you dig these peeks at the art and come back for more previews in the coming weeks.

Book 2: Among the Missing is on track for PDF release on May 25th with print to follow soon after. The pre-order ends tonight but you’ll be still be able to order the physical book after, and pick up the PDF anytime once it hits DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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