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Happy Birthday, Little Fears!

The 10th Anniversary of the Original Game of Childhood Terror

Happy Birthday, Little Fears is the tenth anniversary release of the original Little Fears. It includes the full complete text, author commentary, clarified and alternate rules, as well as every supplement ever officially released for the game.

Title: Happy Birthday, Little Fears: the 10th anniversary of the original game of childhood terror
Size: 6×9, 152pp
Binding: Paperback
Stock Code: FSZ101
MSRP: $25 (US)
Back cover text:

Remember when you were young and you were afraid of all those things that went bump in the night?

Ever wonder where they went?

Well, wonder no more because the old monsters are back!

Featuring the classic rules and setting of the original game, this tenth anniversary edition includes alternate mechanics, author commentary, all-new artwork, and the original online-only supplements—in print for the first time ever!

This book is a standalone game is not compatible with Little Fears Nightmare Edition or its supplements.

Order the Print Book + the PDF!
Order the print book plus the PDF for just $30 (+ s/h). Save $7 off the retail price!

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Order the Print Book!
Order the print book for just $25 (+ s/h).

Buy the PDF!
If you would like just a copy of the PDF, you can buy it directly (and immediately!) from the fine folks at DriveThruRPG.

Foreign Language Edition

Little Fears Nightmare Edition has been officially licensed for two different foreign language editions!

German-Language Version

Out Now from Feder und Schwert.
Kleine Ängste Alptraum-Edition

Click cover for publisher’s product page.

Portuguese-Language Version

Coming Soon from Retropunk.
Little Fears: Pesadelo

Click cover for publisher’s official site.

Interested in licensing Little Fears Nightmare Edition? So am I! Please contact me using the form found here.

Praise for Little Fears

"Great set of rules, and a very interesting setting." ★★★★★
David Kohler

Out Now!

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