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Below are links to fan supplements, reviews, actual play session, and other resources. Chances are, if you have a question, need an idea, or just want to see what other folks are doing with Little Fears, you’ll find something online. (And a huge thank you for everyone out there who is playing, reviewing, or promoting the game!)

Little Fears Nightmare Edition

“The Tithe” by RobD (Giant in the Playground Forum Post)
“Some Yards” by Tad Kelson (from Protodimension Magazine #9)
“The Truth about Mr. Taylor” by Norm Fenlason (from Protodimension Magazine #6)
“End of the Line” by Tad Kelson (from Protodimension Magazine #23)

Tangles by Tad Kelson (from Protodimension Magazine #17)

Fan Fiction
“The Metaplex Mall Incident” by Tim Bisaillon (from Protodimension Magazine #23)

Actual Play
Drunk and Ugly: Multiple Episodes! (Audio – All)
LaFey National Park (Part 1)
LaFey National Park (Part 2)
A Nightmare in Mount Pleasant
Monster Masque
The Fall Harvest
The Houses of Apple Court (Part 1)
The Houses of Apple Court (Part 2)
The Long Way Home (Part 1)
The Long Way Home (Part 2)
Polybius (Part 1)
Polybius (Part 2)
Polybius (Part 3)
Polybius (Part 4)
Polybius (Part 5)
Polybius (Part 6)
Death by Chocolate (Part 1)
Death by Chocolate (Part 2)
To Hell and Back (Part 1)
To Hell and Back (Part 2)
To Hell and Back (Part 3)
Sucrose Park (Part 1)
Sucrose Park (Part 2)
Sucrose Park (Part 3)
Away for Business (Part 1)
Away for Business (Part 2)
The Longest Night of Your Life
Ichor Falls (Part 1)
Ichor Falls (Part 2)
Scott’s Terrible No Good Very Bad Day
New Places, Familiar Faces
All of Our Friends are Dead
Dirty Little Secrets
You are Watching NBC
Memories (Part 1)
Memories (Part 2)
RPPR Actual Play: Polybius (Audio)
Sean Nittner: Bloody Mary (Text)

YouTube Links

plastikloeffel: Multiple Episodes! In German!
Camp Howling #1
Camp Howling #2
Camp Howling #3
Paper-Thin #1

Grabbing Hands #1 In German!
Grabbing Hands #2 In German!

Amazon Review Page
RPGNow Review Page
Flames Rising (Review 1)
Flames Rising (Review 2)
Most Unread Blog Ever: Tommy’s Take
Cardboard Republic: You Should Be Playing
Jankcast: Interview and Review

Other Links
Little Fears and Rolling Dice – A breakdown of percentage chance in the Top 3 System
Canon Puncture: Game Advocates – Little Fears
TVTropes Page
Wikipedia Article
RPGGeek Series Page

Original Little Fears/Happy Birthday, Little Fears

“Where the Wolves Are?” by Tim Bisaillon (from Protodimension Magazine #2)

Actual Play
RPPR Actual Play: Night of the Squashed Cat (Audio)
MyGameThoughts: Little Bunny Foo-Foo (Text)

Praise for Little Fears

"I love this treatment of the concept of playing kids fighting not-so-imaginary monsters, where belief can be a powerful force for good or for horror." ★★★★★
Jordan Peacock

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