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Little Fears: The Wolf Pact
Written by Jason L Blair
Cover Illustration by Veronica V. Jones
Word Count: 40k
Reading Level: Middle Grade

Nate opened the library door slowly and glanced inside. Miss Dennison’s desk was at the back, to the right. Twenty steps or so. The boy shut the door behind him, pushing it until he heard a faint click. Even though lunch had just let out, and the tables were filled with students, the place was a silent as a cemetery. As he crossed the room, his eyes darted across the desks, avoiding direct contact whenever he could. Nate counted his steps as he crossed the room toward the librarian. Twenty-one.

Nate looked at Miss Dennison, her eyes fixed on a computer screen, fingers flying across the keyboard. The monitor glowed softly on the thin woman’s pale skin.

“Um,” Nate squeaked. “Do you have any books on werewolves?”

Without looking up, the librarian pointed a long bony finger towards one of the aisles. “Row 12. Fiction. Horror.”

“No,” Nate said, a bit too quickly. “Um, I mean, like, facts about werewolves.”

Miss Dennison stopped typing. “Excuse me?”

“Real life,” Nate searched for the right words. “Like, history and stuff.”

The librarian withdrew her hands from the keyboard. She raised her head slowly. Her every action was precise. She spoke, low and steady. “I suppose you could check Folklore. There are many accounts of lycanthropy among ancient civilizations. For historical accounts, I recommend an Internet search. Computers are at the back. Use your Student ID to log in.”

“Thank you,” Nate said, quietly, eyeing the imposing aisles stuffed with books. He had never been much of a reader. The thought of delving into so many books made his palms sweat. He stepped toward the shelves, thought for a second, then turned around. Miss Dennison was still looking at him, her face like stone. Nate swallowed down a lump in his throat. “Lycanthropy?”

“Yes. Lycanthropy.” The librarian wrote the word on a yellow sticky note and handed it to him. “Werewolves, shapeshifters, skinchangers, all of them fall under the category of lycanthropy. It’s a good word to know if you’re doing any research on the subject.”

Nate took the piece of paper. The tacky strip on the edge stuck to his fingertips. “Thank you.”

Miss Dennison’s face turned up in a flat smile. Her lips parted slightly, exposing a long row of thin white teeth. “Of course. That’s what I’m here for.”

About The Wolf Pact
Eleven-year old Nate Torrance is alone. His best friend, Darren, no longer talks to him. His mom works all the time. His dad lives out of state and never calls. He’s pretty much given up on the whole idea of “friendship” until an encounter with a monster gives him a common bond with Jennifer Mills, the new girl in his class. When Darren’s little sister, Lindsay, is abducted, the two set out to save her—and discover an unexpected truth behind the monster they’re hunting and the place where all monsters live: Closetland.

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"I love this game!"
Christina Mitton

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