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Little Fears Nightmare Edition Example Errata
On Page 25, the example of Becky versus the Skunk monster has Becky’s total miscalculated. Given the example, her total would be 19 instead of 17. However, the proper correction is that she rolled a 1 on her last die, not a 3.

On Page 31, the Passing Grades of the Toy Soldier should be 2 not 1. With the Quality added, its total damage is 3 not 2.

What happens when Negative Qualities knock me down to zero or fewer dice? Do I roll anything or do I automatically fail?

In an instance such as that, you are at zero dice (no matter how low you would have gone) and
you’ll need Belief, either from yourself or from a friend, in order to get the dice to attempt something.

Can both a Positive and a Negative Quality apply to a roll?

Yes, they can. Apply both to see how many you should add or subtract. For example, if you are attempting to solve a hard math problem while your entire class is staring at you, it might go like this: You have a Think of 3 which gives you three basic dice. You have “honor student +2” which adds two dice for a total of five but you have a “Doesn’t do well under pressure -1.” You’d apply that negative Quality too which would knock you down to four dice.

My character has Stuff Quality that lessens damage. How does this work exactly? The example in the book isn’t clear.

Any Stuff Qualities that remove Damage should be considered passive. Resolve the fight first. If your character is successful, great! You don’t need to do anything more. If the attacker is successful, and your character is going to take damage, roll Care (plus any relevant Qualities) against whatever number your opponent rolled during the attack. Put up a number of Belief tokens equal to the amount you want the Stuff to absorb (up to the total amount allowed by the Stuff Quality). If your Care roll is successful, take off whatever damage the Stuff absorbs and apply whatever remainder as damage. If your Care roll fails, you lose the Belief you put at risk.

For example: Veronica’s character, Jasmyn, has a backpack she uses as a shield against monsters. As she’s skateboarding home from her friend Ariana’s house, a goblyn jumps from the shadows, claws bared! Jasmyn has just enough time to react. She chooses to dodge out of the way.

The goblyn uses its Fight of 2 and its Big Scary Claws (Fight +2) to roll four dice. They come up 4, 4, 3, 1. 4+4+3=11. Jasmyn uses her Move of 3 with the Quality “Ready for anything +1” to get five dice. They come up 3, 3, 2, 1, 1. Her top three dice only add up to 8. She loses by 3—which means the goblyn got a success with a Passing Grade. Ouch. The goblyn’s claws count as a small weapon, which means the monster uses the lowest Success Die for base damage. In this case, that’s 3. Plus the creature’s Passing Grade, Jasmyn is facing four points of damage.

But Jasmyn has her backpack on her. That has a Stuff Quality of -2 Damage. Becca wants to try to absorb as much as she can so she risks two Belief tokens. Even if she’s successful, she’s facing two points of damage. But, hey, that’s better than four.

Becca rolls her character’s Care (2). Jasmyn doesn’t have any Qualities that help so that’s all she gets. Luckily, she rolls a 6 and a 4. She re-rolls the 6 for another 3. That’s a total of 13—which beats the goblyn’s attack score of 11! Jasmyn absorbs two of the four points and keeps her Belief. Two of the goblyn’s claws latch onto Jasmyn’s arm while the other two lodge themselves in the girl’s backpack. Becca marks two health off Jasmyn’s sheet.

If Becca had rolled lower—let’s say a 10—she would have lost both Belief tokens and taken all four points of damage. Her backpack failed her (shaking her Belief) and all four of the goblyn’s claws dig deep into her skin.

Praise for Little Fears

"I love this treatment of the concept of playing kids fighting not-so-imaginary monsters, where belief can be a powerful force for good or for horror." ★★★★★
Jordan Peacock

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