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The Wolf Pact: Sneak Peek

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair26 February 2016

I hit the 33% mark on the Little Fears novel, The Wolf Pact, last night. I am having a blast writing this book. I’ve been living with this story a long time—and even committed a version of it to novel-form before—but focusing it as a Middle Grade novel, and letting go of a lot of pressure and anxiety, has helped it immensely.

I like how this story is shaping up a whole lot, and I wanted to share a little bit with you via a picture I took with my phone last night.

I hope you enjoy it.

Little Fears: The Wolf Pact excerpt.

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Cover for Campfire Tales #5

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair11 November 2011

Out November 16th in PDF.

Something wicked is on the wind.

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Happy Birthday, Little Fears!

hblf, news, PreviewsJason L Blair05 July 2011

First, The Good News!
Ten years ago today, I released the original Little Fears at the 2001 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. That game changed my life and was the first brick in the path that would become my career. I cannot overstate the impact that game about kids fighting monsters had and the number of doors it opened for me.

I owe a lot to all the people who have supported me through the years: The fans, the friends, the stores, and family members who have stood by me as I reached for a seemingly-impossible dream. Thank you all very much, from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you, Little Fears. I couldn’t have asked for a better first game than you.

Now, The Bad News…
Unfortunately, the tenth anniversary edition of Little Fears, which I planned to release in PDF today, isn’t *quite* ready yet. I’m afraid I need to push the release back a week. Happy Birthday, Little Fears will see release in PDF on July 13th. I am leaving the pre-order pricing up until that time. Not a fix for the delay but it’s what I can do.

My sincerest apologies, but the extra time gives me a chance to polish the book a bit more and make it much better in the end. Thank you for your understanding and, to help smooth things over, please have some cake.

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HBLF Pre-Order – One Week Left!

hblf, PreviewsJason L Blair22 June 2011

The tenth anniversary of Little Fears is July 5th and I’ll be launching the PDF of Happy Birthday, Little Fears on that day (with print soon to follow). You can grab your copy after they come in for full price, sure, but you still have a week left to pre-order the PDF, print, or print + PDF combo pack and save some cash!

To entice those of you on the fence, I’ve attached a section of the new cover, by LFNE illustrator Grumbleputty.

For details on the pre-order (including links to get yours), see this post right here.

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Book 2: Proof of Life

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair13 June 2011

The proof for Book 2: Among the Missing arrived! Here’s out-of-focus, poorly-lit camera phone evidence:

I’m going to look over the proof, see if anything needs corrected, and either approve it or make corrections tonight. If everything looks good, I’ll approve it online and set the printers to printing. Corrections may delay things a day or two but, worst case, I should have books next week which means I’ll be sending out copies very soon.

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Among the Missing Preview: The Forgotten

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair23 May 2011

With the PDF launch just two days away, let’s dig a little deeper into Book 2: Among the Missing by taking a look at the rarest type of missing: those who fall into the gaps between Closetland and the real world, those who are suddenly displaced, those whose very existence becomes questioned, whose families suddenly don’t know them, and whose entire foundation shatters in a heartbeat.

Click below for a PDF preview of Chapter Five: Through the Cracks, a look at the forgotten.

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Among the Missing Preview: The Stolen

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair20 May 2011

I wanted to get this up earlier but the week before a book’s release is always a maddening (and fun! But oh-so-maddening) time.

I plan to do at least one more sneak peek before the book hits digital shelves on Wednesday, and then a couple more as the print edition gets closer to launch.

Click the image below for a PDF preview of Chapter Two: By Inhuman Hands. It takes a look at the Stolen, those taken by monsters. I hope you enjoy the preview and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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Book 2: Among the Missing Art Preview

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair11 May 2011

With two weeks until its May 25th release, I figured now was a good time to show off some of Book 2: Among the Missing. The past month has been a blur of writing, art direction, and layout as that big idea I had a while back solidifies as an actual, honest-to-goodness product. And the pre-orders have served as great motivation to keep my head down and going forward as more and more people put their money where my mouth is.

I have a great art team on this book. Veronica V. Jones and Doug Snook (Grumbleputty) return from the main book and I’ve added George Cotronis and Jeff Preston to the mix as well, doing the considerable number of chapter intro images.

I’ll post a couple PDF excerpts as we get closer to launch but, for now, take a look at two of the characters Grumbleputty did for the book. First is a member of the Army of St. Nicholas called Walter Highways. The second is called simply The Cat and it’s one feisty feline you don’t want to cross your path.

I hope you dig these peeks at the art and come back for more previews in the coming weeks.

Book 2: Among the Missing is on track for PDF release on May 25th with print to follow soon after. The pre-order ends tonight but you’ll be still be able to order the physical book after, and pick up the PDF anytime once it hits DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

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Book 2: Intro Fiction

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair28 January 2011

On Monday, I talked a bit about what Book 2: Among the Missing covers. On Wednesday, I showed the contents and talked some about what each section covers. Today, I’m posting the introductory fiction. This isn’t just a mood-setting vignette; this sets up a piece of fiction from each of the first five chapters that connects to this intro and extends it to what happens next if the kid in question was abducted, stolen, ran away, abandoned, or forgotten. Before I dove into the gritty details of each section, I wanted to show readers what we’re going to cover. To set the tone for each chapter and ease the reader into each new world of the book.

I hope you enjoy the following, and stay tuned over the next couple of months for more information not only about Among the Missing but two other surprise releases slated for Late Spring/Early Summer 2011.

An entire street full of cars. The sounds of late autumn in the air.

Beyond, 5 o’clock traffic races down the interstate. First shifters coming home. The late retail crowd heading in. But here, there is no traffic, no rush of cars against the wind. Here, parked outside the brick-faced houses that line this avenue, they are still. They are empty. Except for one.

Down the street, at the basketball court, a group of kids play Horse in that manner children do. Each calls an impossible shot and fails to pull it off. Bobby’s on H. He sank a three pointer. He calls it skill but everyone knows it was a lucky shot. Anton’s been trying to dunk all day. At 4’8”, he’s a bit shy of the rim.

In the not-empty car, a shadow turns the ignition. It’s a quiet car. The perfect kind. It’s non-descript: Four doors, bluish-grey. Or was it brown? It’s hard to say. Y’know, it might be a hatchback. Or a sedan.

Mick tells Anton to stop messing around and take the shot already. Willie sits on the paintline, book in hand. He’s tired of sports. Anton tells everyone to chill. It’s happening. He can feel it.

Bobby gloats about his H. Calls himself the King of Park Street. Mick tells him to stuff it. “Besides,” the boy says, “you live on Vine.”

“Yeah, but the court’s on Park and that’s what matters.”

The car pulls out of its spot. It rolls slowly around the bend, toward the boys playing ball. Just past the court is a church. Small, white, wooden cross on top. Black sign in the front with the hours of Sunday’s service.

Anton rushes, jumps, and lets loose the ball. It spins around the rim before teetering in.

“Dunk!” Anton shakes his butt at the other kids. “Kiss it! Kiss it! Kiss the dunk master’s butt!” he says.

“So not a dunk,” Mick says, chasing the ball.

Anton says it was so. Says he’ll do it again.

Mick scoops up the ball. No way Anton’s getting it again.

Mick offers it to Willie but the boy says he’s not playing anymore. He passes to Bobby but the place the older boy once stood is now empty. All three look around, but no one can see him. No one knows where Bobby went.

“He probably went home”, Anton says.

Mick spins in place, scanning the area. “That’d be kinda fast. How’d he skip out without us seeing?”

“Maybe he cut across the churchyard.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Probably. Best way to Vine Street.

Anton shrugs, tells Mick to throw it to him. They have just over an hour before the streetlights come on and today’s the day he’s gonna prove he’s the dunk champion.

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Book 2: The Table of Contents

lfne, PreviewsJason L Blair26 January 2011

On Monday, I talked a bit about what Among the Missing is about. This time around, I’m posting the table of contents and talking a bit about what each chapter will cover.

Introduction: Gone, Just Like That
Every book I do starts with one of these. The excerpt posted Monday is from this chapter. I cover the scope and purpose of the book and break down each chapter. I also address the issue of suitability. Is writing a book about portraying and interacting with missing children appropriate? I think it is and talk about that here.

Afterward, I get into the five different types of missing children.

Chapter One: Against their Will: The Abducted
The first type of missing are the Abducted, those taken by people. The person can be a friend, a parent, or a stranger.

Chapter Two: By Inhuman Hands: The Stolen
The second type of missing are the Stolen, those taken by monsters. This can happen in Closetland or the real world.

Chapter Three: On Their Own: The Runaways
The third type are the Runaways, those who fled from their families.

I begin the book with these three because they cover the three ways a child can be pulled into the world of the missing: by a person, by a monster, by himself.

Chapter Four: No Longer Wanted: The Abandoned
The fourth type are the Abandoned, those left by their families.

Chapter Five: Like They Never Existed: The Forgotten
The fifth and final type of missing are the Forgotten, those who slipped through the cracks of the world.

These two chapters cover children who are pushed into the world of the missing: by their families or by accident.

The first five chapters define the types, talk about how a child goes missing, why it happens, what going through that does to a child and those who care for him, and provide three different takes on a character of that type. Among the Missing not only introduces a new type of character, but provides rules so you can create your own missing characters and tell their tales first-hand.

It’s important to keep in mind that this book isn’t about children in captivity; it’s about what happens next. They became missing, were freed/escaped/decided to return home, now what? Something prevents them from simply going home. Maybe they don’t want to go home. Maybe they don’t know how to get home. Maybe they can’t get home. No matter the situation, there’s a story to tell. A story of hope and struggle in a world of monsters both magical and real.

Chapter Six: The World of the Missing
Being a missing kid means you fight for your own survival. You live in a world with different rules. There are good places and bad, those who help the missing and those who harm them. This chapter discusses some of them, as well as monsters that prey primarily on the missing.

Chapter Seven: The Long Way Home
Player characters get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of a missing child in this scenario, written in the same format as the Campfire Tales. “The Long Way Home” details a haunting and dangerous journey to reunite a missing child with his family.

Among the Missing Character Sheet
Because a new book is a special occasion and deserves its own sheet. Plus missing characters answer different questions during character creation.

Among the Missing intrigued me from the beginning. It’s not a traditional supplement. I had doubts about making it the first follow-up but once I started writing I saw the potential the book holds. It presents something I feel really builds upon the first book, and gives players of the game something they may not consider themselves. Among the Missing shows a bit of Little Fears Nightmare Edition’s darker side but only to give even greater meaning to the light.

Alright, that’s it! The basic skeleton of the book. Is there anything you’d like in the book you don’t see covered here? Let me know in the comments or via the contact form. I hope you enjoy the book when it comes out later this year. Later this week, I’ll post the bit of fiction that opens Little Fears Nightmare Edition Book 2: Among the Missing.

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