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Happy Birthday, Little Fears!

hblf, news, PreviewsJason L Blair05 July 2011

First, The Good News!
Ten years ago today, I released the original Little Fears at the 2001 Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio. That game changed my life and was the first brick in the path that would become my career. I cannot overstate the impact that game about kids fighting monsters had and the number of doors it opened for me.

I owe a lot to all the people who have supported me through the years: The fans, the friends, the stores, and family members who have stood by me as I reached for a seemingly-impossible dream. Thank you all very much, from the bottom of my heart.

And thank you, Little Fears. I couldn’t have asked for a better first game than you.

Now, The Bad News…
Unfortunately, the tenth anniversary edition of Little Fears, which I planned to release in PDF today, isn’t *quite* ready yet. I’m afraid I need to push the release back a week. Happy Birthday, Little Fears will see release in PDF on July 13th. I am leaving the pre-order pricing up until that time. Not a fix for the delay but it’s what I can do.

My sincerest apologies, but the extra time gives me a chance to polish the book a bit more and make it much better in the end. Thank you for your understanding and, to help smooth things over, please have some cake.

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Now in Stock: Among the Missing

lfne, newsJason L Blair21 June 2011

Visual proof courtesy of my camera phone and my poor picture-taking skills:

The books are in! I just need to check them, sign them, and stuff them into envelopes and boxes. MOST* pre-orders should go out this week (and standard orders as well). I’ve already had a lot of interest from retailers but if your local shop isn’t one of them, let me know! I love selling directly to you folks but I’m a big supporter of the brick-and-mortar shops as well.

*The downside to this news is that the United States Postal Service has halted all shipments to Canada due to the current labor dispute. So for my northern neighbors, I’ll see what I can do to get your books to you as soon as I can. I’m going to process all the other orders and then dig into my options there.

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Happy Birthday, Little Fears Pre-Order Begins!

hblf, newsJason L Blair06 June 2011

My, how time flies.

That game about kids fighting werewolves turns 10 years old next month. To commemorate the event, I am releasing a new version of the classic game called Happy Birthday, Little Fears. This new edition will contain all the original rules and setting information as the original plus alternate rules and commentary by yours truly and all-new artwork from LFNE and Book 2 contributing illustrator Grumbleputty.

Here are the current specs for the book:

Title: Happy Birthday, Little Fears: the 10th anniversary of the original game of childhood terror
Size: 6×9, 192pp
Binding: Paperback
Stock Code: FSZ101
MSRP: $25 (US)
Back cover text:

Remember when you were young and you were afraid of all those things that went bump in the night?

Ever wonder where they went?

Well, wonder no more because the old monsters are back!

Featuring the classic rules and setting of the original game, this tenth anniversary edition includes alternate mechanics, author commentary, all-new artwork, and the original online-only supplements—in print for the first time ever!

This book is a standalone game is not compatible with Little Fears Nightmare Edition or its supplements.

The PDF version will launch on July 5th—exactly ten years after the original’s debut at Origins 2001—with the print version shipping shortly after.

Pre-Order Details
Get in early and save some cash! Pre-order pricing will run until June 29th. Afterwards, you will be able to get the PDF via DriveThruRPG and RPGNow and the print from me as soon as they come in.

The Pre-Order is over but you can still grab the print, pdf, or print/pdf combo.

Order the Print Book + the PDF!
Order the print book plus the PDF for just $30 (+ s/h). Save $7 off the retail price!

Email for PDF code delivery:

Order the Print Book!
Order the print book for just $25 (+ s/h).

Buy the PDF!
If you would like just a copy of the PDF, you can buy it directly (and immediately!) from the fine folks at DriveThruRPG.

To Those Who Pre-Ordered Book 2: Among the Missing!
If you pre-ordered a physical copy of Book 2: Among the Missing (either alone or bundled with the PDF) and you would like to consolidate shipping with a physical copy of Happy Birthday, Little Fears, please email me at jason@littlefears.com for details. Consolidated orders will be delayed until hardcopies of Happy Birthday, Little Fears are in stock.

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Out Now: Book 2 in PDF!

lfne, newsJason L Blair25 May 2011


You were a normal kid once with a normal life and a normal family. Then things changed. There was a moment when your life took a sudden turn and you stopped being a normal kid. You became a headline, a statistic, a picture on the grocery store window. A warning for other children.

Maybe you were taken, stolen by a monster, or maybe you simply disappeared.

Whatever happened, at that moment, you became one of the missing.

Book 2: Among the Missing is an expansion to the Little Fears Nightmare Edition game. In it, we talk about what missing children mean in the world of Little Fears, how kids become missing, what happens to them next, how they can help in the fight against monsters, and how they can be saved. Includes expanded GMC rules, new monsters, information about the World In-Between, and a full-length episode titled “The Long Way Home.”

If you pre-ordered a copy of the PDF, you should already have your code. If you don’t, email me using the contact form above or at jason at this domain. If you didn’t pre-order the PDF, you can grab a copy now for $10 from the good folks at DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.

I’m going to send the files to the printer next week for those waiting on a physical book. In the mean time, if you notice any errors or find something that could use a dose of clarity, now’s the time to let me know!

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Book 2 Pre-Order: Two Weeks Left to Benefit NCMEC

lfne, newsJason L Blair18 April 2011

While nearly a month remains to pre-order Book 2: Among the Missing and save money off the final price, less than two weeks are left if you want 20% of your purchase to benefit the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and this promotion is in support of that.

You can click the image above or this line right here to go to the post with the pre-order information.

For those curious, Book 2 is coming along well. As illustrations come in and the book enters final layout, I will start putting up previews for you all.

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Book 2: Among the Missing Pre-Order Begins!

lfne, newsJason L Blair01 April 2011

The next book in the Little Fears Nightmare Edition line is now available for pre-order! Book 2: Among the Missing looks at missing kids, the monsters who hunt them, the good guys they can turn to, and what life is like for those who live in the fringes between our reality and the world of lost children.

Click here for more information on what’s coming in Book 2: Among the Missing.

Book 2: Among the Missing will be released in PDF on May 25th (National Missing Children’s Day) and will be released in print soon after (about three weeks). 20% of all orders throughout April will go to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children*.

(May 12th Update)
Huge thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the book! For those who missed the pre-order, you can still order the print, PDF, or combo bundle of Book 2: Among the Missing using the buttons below:

Order the Print Book + the PDF!
Order the print book plus the PDF and receive your download code on May 25th and your physical book in early June for just $30 (+ s/h).

Order the Print Book!
Order the print book and receive it in early June for just $20 (+ s/h).

Order the PDF!
PDF orders will be processed through DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. You will be able to grab the PDF for immediate download once it becomes available on May 25th for just $10.

If you plan to pre-order both Book 2 and Happy Birthday Little Fears:
You can place your pre-order for Book 2: Among the Missing now and you can combine shipping costs with Happy Birthday Little Fears when it goes on pre-order. (In that case, your physical copy of Book 2 will not ship until Happy Birthday Little Fears ships.)

*I will sum the sale price of all pre-orders received from the beginning of the pre-orders on April 1st through midnight April 30th (CDT) and contribute 20% of the total to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children through their online donation system.

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Book 2 Update

lfne, news, PreviewsJason L Blair24 January 2011

Judging from comments and emails, it seems a lot of folks are intrigued by what I’ve teased about Book 2: Among the Missing and want to know more. I appreciate the interest and don’t want it to go unrewarded so I’ve decided to reveal a bit more about what to expect from the first formal supplement to Little Fears Nightmare Edition. In this post, you read the back cover copy and saw Veronica’s wonderful front cover illustration so now let’s get into what’s in between those two and talk about what Among the Missing is.

Little Fears Nightmare Edition Book 2: Among the Missing is about missing children and their role in the world of Little Fears. The book includes information on new parts of the real world, new areas of Closetland, new monsters, new people who wish to help, and a scenario that introduces the players to the world of the missing and challenges them to help one very special boy find his way out.

For more information, let’s take a page from the book itself. From the introduction to Book 2: Among the Missing, here is the section titled “What this Book Is”:

In Little Fears Nightmare Edition, we tell stories of children who are heroes. Children who fight back against the monsters, who conquer evil, and who save lives—their own and others. Most of these children lead otherwise uneventful existences. They live in safe environments, with trustworthy people, have good friends, normal lives, homework every night, and an early bedtime so they’re rested for school the next day.

But there are other children, other heroes. Ones who fight first against the situations of their lives and then, or sometimes at the same time, the world of monsters. These characters come from different backgrounds, have different families, and lead different lives than each other. But they all have one thing in common: They are all missing children.

There are five ways that a child becomes missing. They are either abducted (meaning they are taken by another human), they are stolen by a monster, they run away (causing themselves to become missing), they are abandoned by their families, or they are forgotten by the real world. Each type has its own story, its own underlying cause, and its own resolution. But they are all children who became separated from how the real world is supposed to work, and who became susceptible to Closetland’s machinations because of it.

In the real world, a lot of kids reported to be missing are eventually found. Some simply took a wrong turn and couldn’t find their way home. Others went to a friend’s houses without telling their parents. There are those who were kidnapped but eventually returned thanks to the concerted efforts of communities, police, and federal agencies. Of course, not all real missing kids are found. And, if they are, sometimes years or decades pass before that happens.

This supplement deals with those kids who have yet to be found. They are no longer captives but they are not free. Somewhere along the path, possibly at the start, possibly just yesterday, they found themselves in the realm of monsters and they couldn’t get out. Each child wishes for escape, even if he doesn’t wish to go back home.

When a child goes missing, when he’s severed from whatever roots he had prior, he is left open to being absorbed by Closetland. It’s possible for a child to simply sink into a strange bed and disappear from the real world. Some monsters prey exclusively on the missing, those who have lost contact with the people whose presence would otherwise deter the beasts. These monsters swallow the children in their giant empty mouths like ravenous doorways to a twisted wonderland. Others lead them down dangerous paths, into a cool white light, promising salvation, promising home, but delivering something far darker.

Some of these children are in Closetland proper, running through its grey hallways and twisted corridors. They pull on door handles, desperate to escape, but every exit leads to a hundred more. Some children exist in our world but cannot be seen by adults. They are trapped in the in-between. These children didn’t just go missing, the world forgot them.

There are numerous children who are missing—far, far too many—and in this book we’ll talk about them. How it happened, why it happened, and how your characters can save them.

Later this week, I’ll reveal the Table of Contents and, even later still, post some fiction from the book.

While I still can’t nail down a release date, I will continue to update you on Book 2 (and some other things in the works) as I can. I would love to get this book out in April but that’s just a target. I have 10k written which will probably be half the book (maybe a little less). I have artists lined up as well but haven’t assigned anything (and won’t until the book enters the final stages).

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of the next book. Stayed tune this week for more and, in case you missed my teaser on this RPGnet thread about the game: I have a big game-line reveal planned for March.

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Campfire Tales and DriveThru Sales

downloads, lfne, news, ReviewsJason L Blair14 January 2011

Over at Brainhouse Studios, Kirkimus Prime reviews the first three installments of Campfire Tales. If you’ve been thinking about picking up the series so far but wanted to know just a bit more before pressing “Buy Now” check out his reviews. (And if you’ve had a chance to read—and hopefully play!—any of the Campfire Tales episodes I’d love to know what you think, either via email or by leaving a review on the episode’s DriveThruRPG sales page.)

Speaking of DriveThruRPG, less than four days remain to pick up Little Fears Nightmare Edition along with dozens of other great games for just $11 each. I’m very happy with the response to the sale so far. Lots of new folks are picking up the core book, which I hope means lots of you are playing it or will be playing it soon.

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downloads, lfne, newsJason L Blair17 December 2010

Campfire Tales #3: The Longest Night of Your Life is available now! This third entry in the monthly Campfire Tales series for Little Fears Nightmare Edition gives your kids exactly what they want. Just remember, “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.”

Product description:

The kids wake up in a room full of toys and not a single adult in sight. It’s a dream come true with no parents, no school, and no rules–but something’s obviously not right with this room or the children who were already in it. And while some may like to live forever in this toy-filled utopia, the price for their fun may be their lives if the kids can’t figure out the way home soon.

“The Longest Night of Your Life” is the third in the CAMPFIRE TALES series of monthly standalone episodes for use with Little Fears Nightmare Edition.

Just $2 for twenty pages of monster-hunting fun with more to come next month. Enjoy and let me know what you think of the third installment of Campfire Tales!

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Little Fears: The Movie

lfne, newsJason L Blair14 December 2010

I’ll post more information as it comes out, and try to give you whatever inside scoop I can, but since the production company announced it, here’s some of the bigger Little Fears news for 2011:

Reactor 88 Studios is producing a Little Fears movie set to start filming within the next year.

Reactor 88 are the folks behind the upcoming InSpectres and Brave New World films. I’ve been working with producer/director Darren Orange every step, and he and his team get what I want to do with the film. I hope you all dig it.

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