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Where Are My Books?!

lfneJason L Blair13 February 2015

It’s a good question!

Some backers of the LFNE Book 3 Kickstarter are still awaiting their rewards, unfortunately, as are some other folks who ordered the LFNE corebook. I’ve been fielding emails about this and trying to keep on top of the situation but have some (slightly) bad news.

But first, the good news! You will get your rewards. Absolutely. And you should get them in about a month.

Why a month? That’s the bad news. In ordering books for the Kickstarter rewards, I kept the number fairly close to what I’d need, with a little wiggle room for other orders that might come in. Books came in, I sent out packages. I missed some, heard from the folks, and I sent out more packages.

Sadly, not all of the packages sent out arrived at their destinations. And I haven’t seen them returned to me yet. For those who absolutely should have received their rewards already, I sent out replacements as the emails came in. This dipped into my reserve, as did other incoming orders. Then more reports (mostly international, especially the UK) came in and I started sending out others.

And then I ran out of books. But not out of emails from folks who haven’t received their stuff.

From what I’ve heard, it’s not many of you. Good! But that doesn’t help anyone still waiting. I should eventually get the majority of those packages back but that process can take up to six months (seriously) for reasons I can’t hope to comprehend.

I have another printing in process currently and should have the books by end of next week or middle of the following. (I’m not sure how Presidents Day is going to effect printing and shipping.) So the books are on their way. When they’re in, they’re going immediately out.

My conservativeness in printing worked against me hard here and some of you are paying for it. I am truly sorry. But I’m making up for it as quick and best as I can.

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