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Halloweek 2013 – Doll-O-Ween #3: Child’s Play

hblf, lfneJason L Blair30 October 2013

It’s hard to think of creepy dolls and not have slasher film icon Chucky spring immediately to mind.

Introduced in 1988’s Child’s Play, Chucky began life as a just another Good Guys doll until serial killer—and voodoo practitioner—Charles Lee Ray, bleeding to death in the aisle of a store, transferred his soul into the toy. Soon after, single mother Karen Barclay buys the now-possessed doll for her son, Andy*, and gives Charles Lee Ray the opportunity to continue his murder spree, starting with the boy’s babysitter.

I have a particular soft spot for the Child’s Play films. Over the course of six films, the series gets increasingly campy and outlandish (see Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky especially) but once you’ve bought into the idea of a guy putting his soul into a toy thus transforming it into a living plastic killing machine, it’s really hard to pick nits, isn’t it?

The films are decidedly Rated R, which puts them outside direct influence for a Little Fears Nightmare Edition campaign but they do provide a great starting point for including evil dolls in your game. Charles Lee Ray could easily be a guy who was temporarily possessed by a monster that, seeing its host dying in a toy store, transferred itself to the nearest object: a child’s doll.

If you haven’t seen it, entries 2 and 5 are available on Netflix, and the whole set was recently released on Blu-Ray and DVD.

*A name shared with the boy from Toy Story, another film about a child whose toys come to life.

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