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Inspiring Fear: The Haunting Hour, Season 2

hblf, lfneJason L Blair28 September 2011

The new season of R.L. Stine‘s The Haunting Hour hits the Hub this Saturday, October 1st! If you’re a fan of Little Fears or Little Fears Nightmare Edition, you need to watch this show. I loved the first season and can’t wait to dig into the new one.

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2 Responses

  1. W Says:

    This commercial actually makes me want to watch this. As fond as I was of 80’s child protagonist movies, those were usually made with a mind that adults would be watching them as well, so I am often leery about horror shows made just for kids, (except Eerie indiana, that show is awesome for all time) but this does look promising. I will need to give it a real chance. Any specific episodes you could recommend?

  2. Jason L Blair Says:

    When it’s on, The Haunting Hour is the real deal. My take on Season One:

    High Points:
    Lights Out
    Scary Mary (2-parter)
    The Black Mask
    Ghostly Stare

    Low Points:
    A Creature Was Stirring
    Pool Shark
    Game Over

    Overall, the show’s definitely worth tracking down.

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