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Out Now: Happy Birthday, Little Fears (Finally) in PDF!

hblf, newsJason L Blair28 July 2011

If you ordered a digital copy from me, you should have received a code from DriveThruRPG about ten hours ago because Happy Birthday, Little Fears is now available in PDF!

For those waiting on the print copy, I will submit the print files next week which should get copies in my hands about two weeks after that. I’ll ship out orders as soon as I can. If you ordered another book along with Happy Birthday, Little Fears, you’ll get your entire order at that time.

I really appreciate your patience and I hope you enjoy Happy Birthday, Little Fears. If you ordered a PDF from me and did not receive your code already, please email me at jason@littlefears.com and I’ll sort it out.

If you’re on the fence about Happy Birthday, Little Fears, you can check out an excerpt on the DriveThruRPG site, the PDF preview I posted earlier this month, or this new PDF preview I uploaded just now!

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