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Happy Birthday?

hblfJason L Blair12 July 2011

As some of you may know, I recently re-entered the world of the working and I’ve been having a great time doing so. The downside is that the gig is taking up a lot of my time. So much so that I need to push back two weeks. It’s a big push, yes, but I am confident I can squeeze the time out of my schedule which is more than I can say if I only push it back another week.

All you’re doing is editing, Blair, how much time do you need?
Well, that’s mostly true but I’m trying to do more. I’m trying to provide a snapshot of the game, its history, etc. As well as creating a proper tenth anniversary edition.

So when will it be done?
I’m almost done with the text but I do need some more time with that. I also want more art in the book. The artist on the book has been fantastic and is cranking out great pieces. I came to him late and as I see more and more holes that should be filled graphically, I want more pictures from him. Part of this time is to get more work out of the guy. The big part of it is just not having as much time as I used to.

My sincerest and deepest apologies for a second delay. It will be the last. As a peace offering, please check out this PDF preview of Chapter One: To Be Young Again.



4 Responses

  1. Morag Says:


    I don’t think anyone’s dissing on you because you want to produce a quality product. In fact, I wholeheartedly applaud your decision to do so.

    Eff the haters, it’s worth the wait <3


  2. Chrissy Says:

    Man I totally get the time smushing that comes with the work.
    Still the waiting is agony :)
    But things that are awesome are worth the wait.
    Jason, you are AWESOME

    By the way. I don’t know if you remember the old MTV/Comic Book “The Maxx”… Had some great inspiration for a dual world as well as some nasty monsters. Izs are CREEPY!

  3. Christine D. Says:

    Still would like ETA on print edition… How long after PDF is released will we see the print being mailed out?

  4. Jason L Blair Says:

    @Morag, Chrissy

    Thanks for the support. Things have been really hectic lately and I appreciate the understanding.

    Print follows PDF by 3-4 weeks. I mail the books out within a few days of receipt.

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