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Little Fears…3rd Edition?

lfneJason L Blair02 March 2015

I asked the question over on the Facebook group, but I wanted to get it posted here as well.

Given that a) it would be a ways off yet and b) it would stick to the core concept of “kids fighting monsters”, what would you like to see in a Little Fears 3rd Edition?

Cosmological changes?
Background changes?
Character changes?
Rules changes?

Drop a comment below and tell me what changes or additions would get you excited about a third edition of Little Fears.

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Shipping Nightmares

hblf, lfneJason L Blair28 February 2015

But in a good way!

If you’ve been waiting on orders from me for anything (but especially anything Little Fears or Book 3 Kickstarter-related), your orders are all packed up and ready to ship. I’ll be occupying a whole lot of a postal worker’s time on Monday getting all these out to you.

Thank you so much for your patience and kind words during this time. This will (oh-so-very hopefully) close the book on everything you’ve been waiting for—except for getting the Little Fears novel The Wolf Pact finished and out to you! *gulp*

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Coming May 2015: The Wolf Pact

lfneJason L Blair23 February 2015

Hello, everyone! Just a quick update that you all can expect the first novel in the Little Fears fiction line to hit in PDF, epub, mobi, and other big platforms this coming May. For a sneak peek at the cover (which is very much still-in-progress), check out the preview below, featuring new artwork from the always stunning Veronica V. Jones! For those of you who added a copy via the Book 3 Kickstarter, you’ll get an update when this is ready to go. I will also run a pre-order for folks who missed it—and of course it’ll be available for regular sale as well!

The Wolf Pact Cover Mock-Up WIP

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Where Are My Books?!

lfneJason L Blair13 February 2015

It’s a good question!

Some backers of the LFNE Book 3 Kickstarter are still awaiting their rewards, unfortunately, as are some other folks who ordered the LFNE corebook. I’ve been fielding emails about this and trying to keep on top of the situation but have some (slightly) bad news.

But first, the good news! You will get your rewards. Absolutely. And you should get them in about a month.

Why a month? That’s the bad news. In ordering books for the Kickstarter rewards, I kept the number fairly close to what I’d need, with a little wiggle room for other orders that might come in. Books came in, I sent out packages. I missed some, heard from the folks, and I sent out more packages.

Sadly, not all of the packages sent out arrived at their destinations. And I haven’t seen them returned to me yet. For those who absolutely should have received their rewards already, I sent out replacements as the emails came in. This dipped into my reserve, as did other incoming orders. Then more reports (mostly international, especially the UK) came in and I started sending out others.

And then I ran out of books. But not out of emails from folks who haven’t received their stuff.

From what I’ve heard, it’s not many of you. Good! But that doesn’t help anyone still waiting. I should eventually get the majority of those packages back but that process can take up to six months (seriously) for reasons I can’t hope to comprehend.

I have another printing in process currently and should have the books by end of next week or middle of the following. (I’m not sure how Presidents Day is going to effect printing and shipping.) So the books are on their way. When they’re in, they’re going immediately out.

My conservativeness in printing worked against me hard here and some of you are paying for it. I am truly sorry. But I’m making up for it as quick and best as I can.

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Inspiring Fear: Poltergeist (2015)

hblf, lfneJason L Blair05 February 2015

Producer Sam Raimi (Evil Dead, Spider-Man) and Director Gil Kenan (Monster House) are bringing the world a new take on the classic film Poltergeist.

I’m not a hater on reboots. John Carpenter’s The Thing and Brian De Palma’s Scarface are both brilliant remakes. Judging from this trailer, Poltergeist has definite potential. Check out the trailer below and, if you’re interested, get ready for its theatrical release on July 24th.

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Escapist Magazine Show Little Fears Some Love

hblf, lfneJason L Blair16 January 2015

So this was unexpected.


Late in December, Adam Gauntlett—one of the folks behind the tabletop section of wildly popular gaming/geek site The Escapist—contacted me to see if I was interested in doing an interview about Little Fears. Of course, I jumped on it. I’m very happy to say that the interview is now up and I don’t sound nearly as dumb as I usually do.

Check it out here!

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Little Fears Nightmare Edition Super Mega Sale Bundle

lfneJason L Blair05 January 2015

Hello, folks, and Happy New Year!

Have you been holding off on picking up Little Fears Nightmare Edition? Have a friend who’s interested but hasn’t committed yet? Well, not to sound like a late night informercial, but now’s the perfect time.

DriveThruRPG has kicked off its New Year, New Game sale and LFNE is one of the amazing super-cheap bundles you can pick up.

For just $15, you get the LFNE corebook, Book 2: Among the Missing, and the first two Campfire Tales standalone episodes, less than half what they’d run you individually. While you’re there, be sure to check out the other bundles (batch one; batch two) they have up for sale.

I’d also really appreciate your help in spreading the word. There’s something really special I want to do with LFNE in the new year (aside from release The Wolf Pact novel, of course) but I won’t be able to do it without your help!

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lfneJason L Blair08 September 2014

I’m winding down on sending the Kickstarter rewards out so I feel comfortable opening the print version of Book 3: Blessed are the Children for sale to the public. You can grab it here or over on the Products page. Any orders submitted should ship out early next week.


Title: Book 3: Blessed are the Children
Size: 6×9, 128pp
Binding: Paperback
Stock Code: FSZ003
MSRP: $20 (US)
Back cover text:

Not every child is the same.

They are different than other kids.
Some would say strange.
Some might say cursed.

But they are called the blessed.

Some are born without souls.
Others, with more than one.
Some are secretly monsters.
Others are children of faith
given powers beyond belief.

And then there are those
who wander this world
long after death.
Searching. Wanting.


Praying to die
or to live again.

Every child is special.

Some more than others.

Book 3: Blessed are the Children focuses on the realm of spirits and ghosts within the world of Little Fears Nightmare Edition. From the kids whose souls are different than others to the monsters who pursue them, Blessed are the Children introduces six new character options including Gifted, Soulless, and Changeling, numerous creatures from Closetland, rules for possession, a new take on the Spirit Drain ability, a full standalone episode called “My Soul to Keep”, and more.

Order the Print Book + the PDF!
Order the print book plus the PDF for just $30 (+ s/h). Download codes are sent via Coupon Code for DriveThruRPG as soon as I can send them!

Order the Print Book!
Order the print book for just $20 (+ s/h).

Order the PDF!
Get a PDF copy of Book 3: Blessed are the Children immediately from DriveThruRPG or RPGNow for just $10.

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Inspiring Fear: Dust

hblf, lfneJason L Blair21 August 2014

I really don’t want to spoil anything by saying how this wonderful 7-minute short film starring Alan Rickman relates to Little Fears so please just trust me when I say it does.

Dust – Short film starring Alan Rickman & Jodie Whittaker from One Giant Production on Vimeo.

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Rewards are Shipping!

lfneJason L Blair20 August 2014

Just a quick note to let all the Book 3 Kickstarter backers know that I’ve started shipping the rewards this week. I’m doing them in batches each day but should have them all done this week or early next.

Once all the books have shipped, I will put Book 3 up for sale on the site for general purchase.

Thank you all for your patience! Your wait is almost over.

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