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Out Now: GOODIE BAGS #2!

lfneJason L Blair26 March 2014

Baba Yaga’s Children are hungry. For you.

Goodie Bags #2: “Baba Yaga’s Children” is a bite-sized supplement for Little Fears Nightmare Edition all about the cannibalistic creations of the witch-crone Baba Yaga. Cast from their mother’s hut, these creepers roam Closetland and the real world looking for food. The more human, the better. Goodie Bags #2 talks about how these monsters come to be, how they hunt, who hunts them, and includes three new GMC characters, full write-ups for these creatures at all three monster levels, and a half-dozen adventure hooks you can use to tell your very own tales about Baba Yaga’s Children.

Grab it now for just $3 over at DriveThruRPG!

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Book 3 Update and Goodie Bags #2

lfneJason L Blair24 March 2014

Book 3!
I updated the PDF for Book 3 on Sunday. This includes putting in a missing power for the gifted and some general clean-up of the text. I plan to upload the file to the printer on Wednesday so if you find any problems, please let me know! A huge thanks to those of you who emailed me questions and issues over the past two weeks. I really appreciate it.

Goodie Bags #2!
Watch out for some new monsters this week as the next Goodie Bags hits DriveThruRPG. This one is about Baba Yaga’s Children, the grotesque creatures she makes (and abandons) throughout Closetland.

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lfneJason L Blair05 March 2014

I am so very excited to announce that the PDF of Book 3: Blessed are the Children is available NOW through DriveThruRPG. You can grab a copy for just $10 at this link (or click on the image below).

If you backed the Kickstarter, I sent out the codes just a little bit ago. Also: I have yet to include the Kickstarter backer names in the back of the book! I will update the PDF file in a couple days to include those.

I hope you all enjoy the book! I’d love to hear your feedback.

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Save Money on Some Campfire Tales

lfneJason L Blair03 March 2014

DriveThruRPG is running their GM’s Day Sale and have three Campfire Tales at 30% off.

Grab copies of The Fall Harvest, Death by Chocolate, and Camp Howling Wolf for just $3.50 each!

(You can also pick up the Streets of Bedlam supplement, Five-Story Drop a collection five standalone scenarios full of crime, intrigue, and betrayal while you’re there.)

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Inspiring Fear: The Babadook

lfneJason L Blair27 February 2014

Put this one of your radars, folks.

Back in 2005, writer/director Jennifer Kent put out a short film titled Monster. The movie focused on a mother, trying to soothe her son’s fear of the creatures in his closet, who becomes aware of a sinister presence that may be all too real. Kent has expanded that idea, with the help of a successful Kickstarter*, into a full-length feature called The Babadook.

While I haven’t found a slated release date yet, it will show at some festivals this year. I really hope it gets a wide release or, at the very least, a DVD/BluRay release. It looks fantastic, and I love the mythology the trailer hints at.

You check out the trailer below.

The blurb on the Kickstarter says:

THE BABADOOK is a psychological horror about a mother who becomes possessed by a monster that wills her to kill her 6-year-old son.

Which, for the record, you’ll find in Book 3: Blessed are the Children, which focuses on souls and ghosts and possession and the kids stuck in the middle of that mess. I cannot wait to see this film.

*I’m kicking myself for not having run across the Kickstarter when it was going. How did I miss it?

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Inspiring Fear: SHHH

hblf, lfneJason L Blair25 February 2014

Guillermo del Toro has inspired many with his incredibly imaginative films. But a couple of filmmakers found their inspiration from Guillermo’s childhood fears. The result, an 11-minute film titled SHHH, is a wonderful source of inspiration for your own Little Fears episode. You can watch the movie in its entirety below, and check out the page I found it on over at FearNet.

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Another (Last, I Promise) Delay

lfneJason L Blair25 February 2014

I am so very sorry for this. I need to push the release date back another week, to next Wednesday, March 5th. I wish I didn’t but I can’t avoid it. Not without releasing an inferior product anyway. And as a small-press publisher with two lines, I pride myself on releasing the best product I can. I hope my track record speaks to that.

What needs done?
Revisions. I realized the character creation chapter was lacking in some key things and I need to punch it up. I also discovered I have a lot more to say about ghosts—which are important to this book—and want to expand that section. Lastly, the episode, “My Soul to Keep”, needs finetuning to tie up some weirdness, add action to some scenes, and strengthen the monster’s presence.

What’s the hold up? You already had an extension.
I did, and I was working on the book when a huge opportunity fell in my lap that could be something major for Little Fears. But it carried a tight deadline that required that I prioritize it. I wouldn’t push back work on Book 3 for something minor so please trust me when I say this is crazy exciting for me, for Little Fears, and hopefully for you.

What happens in a week? Another delay?
I hope not! While I get good work done during the week, it’s the weekends where I can really carve away some time. I’m going to keep working on Book 3 and aim to polish everything up on Saturday and Sunday.

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Book 3 – Slight Delay

lfneJason L Blair13 February 2014

Hello, everyone! I have some bad news but I’m afraid I can’t avoid it. I need to delay the PDF release of Book 3: Blessed are the Children from tomorrow to Wednesday, February 26th. I am very, very sorry for the delay but some Real Life that will result in upcoming travel came up and I need the extra time.

I should have it out next Friday—and if it’s ready, I will release it—but I want to build in a buffer so I don’t need to delay again if I miss that date.

Again, my sincerest apologies for this delay.

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Blessed are the Children Preview: Spirit Monsters

lfneJason L Blair07 February 2014

My apologies for the tardiness in posting the final preview this week! But here it is, a look at the monster chapter of Book 3: Blessed are the Children, including a look at some new monster rules and a hint of the nasty creatures that await inside the book’s pages.

In addition to the regular monsters every child faces, the blessed attract other types of nasty critters. These monsters will hunt regular kids as well but they have a particular tie or attraction to the blessed, whether it’s a need for all that sweet sweet Spirit, a twisted kinship with those whose body-soul connection are different than others, or an ability to home in on whatever it is that makes blessed children who they are.

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Blessed are the Children Preview: Ghost World

lfneJason L Blair05 February 2014

Book 3 previews continue with a look inside the world seen through the eyes of a blessed child.

Blessed children glimpse another world that’s not the real one, not Closetland, and not the In-Between. It is, in fact, the world of the dead. Unlike Closetland, which is a dimension adjacent to our real world, or the In-Between World that exists in the gap between our world and Closetland, the World of Souls exists solely in our world. It appears as another layer, a second skin draped over our reality. People on the brink of death report glimpsing this world as their life fades from them but the blessed see it everyday.

Click on the image below for the PDF preview.

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